2013-14 bb gameday final

Being on the wrong side of the bracket is never fun. But getting to play a team like Georgetown should be. But it’s been a long, sad lunch break with the Cats today.

Things I liked:

  • Bruce’s K-State polo. I’d wear that on purple Fridays (Sorry, first media timeout, and I didn’t have anything else good to say yet).
  • Hitting a couple 3s early. Nigel Johnson and Marcus Foster both managed to hit (including that 4 point play from Marcus). If we can’t get the ball inside, like early in the first half, we’re going to have to score like a mid-major. And that means Foster and Nigel.
  • Purple uniforms. I love the purple uniforms. Also, Georgetown wears grey. Seriously, who wears dark grey “home” uniforms?!?
  • “Again! Another rebound by K-State!”  The announcer actually said that. It’s that exciting when we get a rebound. Wait, should this be in the things I like or things I don’t?
  • The accent of the play-by-play guy. I’m stretching. There isn’t much good to say.

Things I didn’t:

  • First 4 possessions = 4 turnovers. That’s not a slow start to the game. That’s complete ineptitude. That led to a 10-0 Georgetown run to start the game.
  • Turnovers. Holy freaking turnovers.
  • Did I mention turnovers? At the 8 minute media break in the first half it was a 0:9 assists to turnovers ratio. There’s a reason true point guards are important.
  • The internet connection in my cubicle. Chunk city, baby!
  • I stopped caring in the 2nd half. Do you understand how hard it has to be for me (and likely for you, as well) to stop caring in the 2nd half?

It’s back to football tomorrow. Thank God. Then on Sunday K-State will be playing the loser of the VCU-Long Beach State game at 10:30am Central. Even after Thursday’s loss, this tournament had a chance to be an avenue for K-State to improve. This big of a disappointment is gut check time.  I still believe that K-State will show some nice things this year. And the future is a lot brighter than many want to believe. But right now it just hurts.

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