Fridays at The Salute

Fridays at The Salute

Remember when Bill Snyder was the only guy to schedule a “cream-puff” non-conference slate? Those were the days. Yes, back before Art Briles was running up scores against directional schools, Bill Snyder was the one that was scolded for padding his win total against patsies. Side note: Baylor has played three teams, one being Buffalo, and the only direction they haven’t played against is East.

This season’s schedule is an interesting one and one that really plays into the Wildcats hands. Nobody like opening up with an FCS team, especially Stephen F. Austin. Then you got to start Big 12 play on the road, which is the customary way the conference likes Kansas State start of the season. That game at Iowa State was perfect timing. You get to play a team that isn’t one of the best in the conference, but because it plays into the Big 12 standings, the team focuses on an early game.

The way the Iowa State game played out, early efficiency followed by lack-luster play and then coming back to win was perfect. It showed the team and fans what the Wildcats could accomplish if they were to give it 100%. After this victory the ‘Cats enjoyed ten days of to get healthy and study.

Win or lose, that studying paid off in a big way. The defense was much improved and shut down a Big 12-like offense broke several offensive streaks. Players like Dakorey Johnson stepped up and made the big plays that were lacking in the first two games.

Now it’s time for one last tune-up before we become engulfed in the Big 12 schedule. It’s time to shake off the previous game, eliminate mistakes and continue to improve. That’s always been Bill Snyder’s mantra and he is one of the best coaches at keeping his players focused on the task at hand. Rarely does Kansas State fall into a trap game.

The schedule continues it’s fortuitous path next week, too. You play another one of the lower tier Big 12 schools at home. Maybe I’m not giving Texas Tech enough credit after their 35-45 loss to Oklahoma State last night, but they haven’t looked good so far.

Then you have two weeks to prepare for a big road game at Oklahoma. You follow that up with another home game against Texas. They look about as un-Texas as a team wearing burnt orange has looked in a long time. Let’s be honest, the way Charlie Strong is coaching/running off players, we might see some Longhorns playing both sides of the ball.

So let’s not stop and sulk about anything that’s happened so far this season. We have nine more games to go. Get to the game and have a great Saturday with your family. The fun continues tomorrow.

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Ryan was born and raised around the “Little Apple”, and is a life-long Kansas State fan and 2007 graduate. He is also a lover of all things Tallgrass Brewing. Was once quoted on November 11, 2006 as saying, "If we beat Texas, I will get a Powercat tattooed on my ass!"

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