Fridays at The Salute

Fridays at The Salute

I have the privilege of writing here on Friday mornings. Usually that means getting a witty story line written for what I think is going to transpire on Saturday. For the second time this season I get to write about how the game went Thursday night. The problem is I don’t know how it went last night.

I know the score indicates that we won a ballgame on the road in Morgantown, but the statistics can tell a different story. One that was highlighted throughout the game and post game and every article written so far was our rushing yard. For those that might now understand, yard is the singular form of yards. Last night we scratched, clawed and reached forward for a single yard on 29 tries.

Now Snyder and company have over a week to get duct tape and bailing wire on the running game. I don’t think it’s capable of a fix at this point in the season. I am just hoping to limp across the finish line with another Big 12 Championship trophy.

If you have the answer to the running game woes, I am sure Bill Snyder is all ears. The suggestion box may be full of ways to increase the proficiency for red zone scoring. If you follow me on Twitter, first off I apologize, secondly I was calling for Joe Hubener over and over to run the Wildcat during goal to go situations.

Since Thanksgiving is approaching and your Facebook timeline is full of what people are thankful this time of year, I will pile on. I am thankful for Jake Water’s right arm and Matthew McCrane’s right leg. Those two body parts were the only things working last night.

Tyler Lockett was also amazing, but that wasn’t surprising. His pass interference calls weren’t surprising either, he’s usually good at hiding those. His punt return was a thing of beauty, though. It looked to me that the West Virginia punter kicked it shorter than his attackers were ready for and Lockett was halfway home when he caught the ball. That may have been the difference in the game.

At least we escaped with a win and now we can look forward to a late night tussle with Long Beach State on the hardwood. I don’t have much to comment on tonight’s opponent other that we have torched them and squeeked out wins in the past few years. This year’s Wildcat team seems to have the same defensive intensity that Frank Martin started with the addition of an offensive arsenal and depth along the front line. Cats are favored by 2 points in Vegas, I really like this team’s chances to win this game and bring home a Hawaiian trophy.

Happy Thanksgiving K-State Family.

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Ryan was born and raised around the “Little Apple”, and is a life-long Kansas State fan and 2007 graduate. He is also a lover of all things Tallgrass Brewing. Was once quoted on November 11, 2006 as saying, "If we beat Texas, I will get a Powercat tattooed on my ass!"

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