Fridays at The Salute

Fridays at The Salute

Another regular season in the book for Bill Snyder’s Wildcats. Another nine win season and another bowl game to plan for. This has become the norm for Kansas State over the past two decades. High level, national success and a very consistent program.

While you may not be happy with how the season ended or how it started, it’s hard to complain with the total body of work. There were holes in the defense at times and the offense sputtered to run for more than three yards but, by and large, the positives outweighed the negatives. Nothing flashy, just successful.

As we transition into basketball season, I am not seeing the same consistent performance on the hardwood. I was the one waving the banner a few weeks ago. I thought this team had the talent and more importantly the depth to compete at the very top of this conference. I was enthused by the gains the program seemed to be making under Bruce Weber.

Fast forward nine games and the Wildcats are coming off a game in which the struggled to beat Bradley to get back over .500. The offensive ineptitude was record setting, the team managed to score just 18 points in the first half and went nearly seventeen minutes in between buckets. The second half showed some more promise and a few flashes, but nothing materialized.

Meanwhile, Texas Tech and TCU are rolling. The two teams who have been bottom-dwellers in the conference for the past two years are a combined 15-1 with wins over Washington State, Ole Miss and Auburn. Maybe not the top tier of Power 5’s, but respectable teams.

If you read yesterday’s Open Mike, it was hard to find something to argue about. It’s broken. All of it. It’s still early and the schedule has seen the Cats away from The Octagon more than they have been inside it, but it’s time to improve.

Maybe it’s time for a little redecorating. You think we can move all of Bill Snyder’s Sixteen Goals into the basketball training facility? What the team could use is some direction, a few roles defined and a whole lot of ball security.

With only four non-conference games before Big 12 play, the Wildcats should be favored in all of them. More importantly, the Wildcats NEED to win all four of them. Those four games will end Kansas State 2014 athletic seasons. Then you get the Alamo Bowl to start the 2015 calender year and the next day starts the Big 12 basketball season.

Somewhere between today and January 3rd this team needs to find itself. Here’s to a winning 2015!

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Ryan was born and raised around the “Little Apple”, and is a life-long Kansas State fan and 2007 graduate. He is also a lover of all things Tallgrass Brewing. Was once quoted on November 11, 2006 as saying, "If we beat Texas, I will get a Powercat tattooed on my ass!"

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