I hereby declare the quarterback controversy at Kansas State University officially over.

No, I don’t have a winner. This is about acceptance. It’s time to face the fact that we have a two quarterback system and its working the best it possibly can.

samsI thought we had it all figured out. Just go with Daniel Sams, take your lumps this season and hopefully we could have more successful years in the future.

Then facing a 3rd and long, Snyder replaced Sams with Jake Waters. All he did was throw his first of three touchdowns on the day. Not only that, he actually ran the ball better than Sams after he was able make the defense defend his passing abilities.

watersThe problem facing both quarterbacks and the reason neither is the starter AND the closer is consistency. Neither one has it and to be fair, neither one is getting a chance at it. There were times last season that Collin Klein was stopped for a three-and-out. There were times that he fumbled. There were times that he threw and interception. But we never once questioned taking him out of the game.

These quarterbacks need that kind of opportunity and this style of play is not conducive to that. Waters fumbles so Sams goes in. Sams fumbles so Waters goes in. So I am now past trying to decipher which one is the better candidate and I am accepting the fact that neither has complete control of the reigns, they each have a hand on one. It’s like having co-offensive coordinators. One is in charge of the ground game and one is in charge of the passing game.

My plan is to go 1-0 on Saturdays, go to a bowl game and let these guys have a few more weeks of practice and then spend all spring and summer debating this topic again ad nauseam.

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