Wednesdays at The Salute

Wednesdays at The Salute

Some say the best way to heal is to analyze, reflect, and then move forward and that’s just what the K-State family needs to do.

Since Saturday’s game, I knew it was going to be difficult to write this post. Call me a girl, or a baby, but my feelings are hurt. I wanted payback from Baylor more than you can imagine. I wish that wanting something bad enough automatically meant you could have it but unfortunately, that’s not the case.

Summing up this season of Kansas State football is impossible. When it came to big games, we just weren’t good enough and that is so hard to swallow…it’s a slap in the face. A 3-loss season doesn’t sound bad but it’s average. Having 2 or more losses in a season will almost guarantee that a team won’t make a playoff appearance.

We lost the game to Auburn but were beaten by TCU and Baylor.

At this point, there’s nothing we can do to change what happened. We have to move on and prepare for the future.

I would give just about anything to see K-State make both a playoff and national championship appearance but realistically, it’s hard to imagine that happening in the near future. In my mind, we’re more than good enough to win big games. More players need to step up and rise to every single occasion. Every practice and every game are opportunities to get better and build confidence. If you really want something you can’t just wait for it to happen, you have to make it happen. It’s going to take every single ounce of drive, dedication, and determination to get this team to a national championship.

I still believe. It all starts with UCLA!

On a more positive note, I want to give AT&T a special shout out. After my post last week, I received a Tweet that said,“big games call for big surprises! We want you to enjoy a #BetterSaturday with new team gear on us, follow and DM for details!” At that point, I thought I was getting a spam Tweet but I was completely wrong. I replied back to them and they gathered my information. They’re sending me a K-State hat, jacket, and cutting, and a Beats by Dre Pill with cover. It’s a special promotion that they do for college football. Each week, they choose fans and provide them with a “Better Saturday” just for being a fan. I’m overly excited and incredibly thankful that they chose me. If you’re on Twitter, there’s always a chance they could surprise you!

Even thought the Alamo Bowl wasn’t exactly what I hoped for, I’m still excited for an opportunity to see K-State play one more time this season.


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Dara is a 2013 graduate of Kansas State University and misses Manhattan everyday. She works overnight at KSN in Wichita as the morning show producer and all other times watching sports, writing about sports, and tweeting about sports. Follow her on Twitter at @SportsWithDara.

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