Ultimate Battle for Ultimate Destiny: Preliminary Round

1996-2014 K-State Football

2006 vs 1997

Last week’s battle between 1996 and 2011 looked to be an interesting match-up between teams that had similar accomplishments in different eras. It wasn’t even close. So today, does 2006 even stand a chance? As they say, “Anything can happen on any given simulated Saturday.”

You can see all the match ups so far, as well as the methodology, here.

The Matchup

Record7-6 (4-4 Big 12)11-1 (7-1 Big 12)
Head CoachRon PrinceBill Snyder
BowlTexas (vs Rutgers; L 37-10)Fiesta (vs Syracuse; W 35-18)
Big 12 Award winners1st Team: Brandon Archer, LB (AP); Ian Campbell, DE; Yamon Figurs, KR/ PR (Coaches).

2nd Team: Brandon Archer, LB (Coaches); Marcus Watts, DB (Coaches)

Honorable Mention: Yamon Figurs, WR (AP); Zach Diles; Quintin Echols, DT (AP); Rob Jackson (Coaches); Jermaine Moreira, WR (Coaches); Rashaad Norwood, TE (AP); Leon Patton, RB; Jeff Snodgrass, PK (Coaches); Greg Wafford, OL; Kyle Williams, DB (Coaches).
1st Team: Todd Weiner, OT; Martin Gramatica, PK; Jeff Kelly, LB; Mark Simoneau, LB (AP); Kendyl Jacox, C (Coaches).

2nd Team: Michael Bishop, QB (Coaches); Kendyl Jacox, C (AP); Darren Howard, DE; Jerome Evans, DT (Coaches); Mark Simoneau, LB (Coaches); Lamar Chapman, FS (Coaches); David Allen, PR (Coaches); Travis Ochs, LB (AP).

3rd Team: Ryan Young, OT (Coaches); Gavin Peries, WR (Coaches); James Garcia, P (Coaches).

Offensive Newcomer of the Year: Michael Bishop

Defensive Newcomer of the Year: Jeff Kelly
Pre-Tournament Salute Ranking#14#4

Seeding and methodology here

The Game

First Quarter

Leon Patton started out the first 2006 possession getting stuffed for a loss before ripping an 18 yard play on 2nd down. James Johnson picked up a nice gain, and Josh Freeman completed a couple short passes before the drive stalled out on the 27 yard line, where Jeff Snodgrass hit the upright on the field goal.

When the 1997 team took over, it was all about the run, just as expected. Bishop was able to scramble for a first down, but then on a 3rd and 5 he was sacked and the 1997 team was forced to punt.

In the next drive Josh Freeman is able to complete a 13 yard pass for the ’06ers, but then is sacked by Travis Ochs for a loss of 6. They punt, and the ’97 team doesn’t have any better luck. Hickson is stuffed twice at the line, and Bishop’s 3rd down pass is batted down.

With 5:14 left to play in the scoreless first quarter, the 2006 team takes over on their own 33 yard line. Thomas Clayton bursts ahead for 13 yards, and Josh Freeman follows that up by connecting with Jeron Mastrud for a 30 yard gain. The 1997 defense is on their heels and Freeman follows it up with a 14 yard pass to Yamon Figurs down to the 10 yard line. Rashaad Norwood is knocked out of bounds at the 1 on his 9 yard reception, but James Johnson pounds it in for the touchdown. 2006 leads 7-0.

Following the touchdown drive, the 1997 team still can’t get anything going. They end up with another 3 and out, punt the ball, and 2006 returns it 87 yards for a touchdown. At the end of the 1st quarter 2006 leads 14-0.

Second Quarter

The 2nd quarter starts with just as much trouble as the 1st for the 1997 offense. Again they’re not able to get anything going. They punt, and on first down from the 2006 teams 39 yard line, James Johnson loses the ball. 1997 recovers and they’ve got their first chance to find the endzone, but again can’t get make anything happen. Unable to get a first down, they go for it on 3rd and 5 and Marlon Charles is only able to gain a yard.

With the exception of a 25 yard play from Josh Freeman to Jordy Nelson, the two teams then have defense take over. No one gets another first down until the 2006 team gets something going with under 2 minutes to play. Jeff Snodgrass eventually kicks a 37 yard field goal with :49 to play in the half and 2006 leads 17-0.

With just :32 to play, Eric Hickson finally makes something happen. he breaks a 45 yard touchdown run to get the 1997 team back in it before the half, but 2006 leads 17-7.


Third Quarter

On the back of Eric Hickson the 1997 team starts to put something together to open the 2nd half. The drive stalls out on the 28 yard line, but that’s no problem when you’ve got Martin Grammatica. Who missed it. What?!?

Later in the 3rd the 2006 team starts driving again. On 2nd and goal from the 4, in the midst of a drive that began on their own 39 yard line, the 2006 team looks ready to put the dagger in, but Gerald Neasman comes up with the interception of Josh Freeman in the end zone to keep the ’97 Cats in the game.

The 1997 team seizes the momentum with runs by Hickson, Goooooooolsby, Mike Lawrence, and Michael Bishop, and at the end of the 3rd quarter they’ve got 1st & 10 on the 33 yard line…

Fourth Quarter

…but the off day the 1997 team is having rears its head again. They’re forced to settle for a Martin Gramattica field go. 2006 leads 17-10 with 13:59 to play.

That would be the last first down the 1997 team picks up in the game, but following a missed field goal by Jeff Snodgrass they still have a chance with :53 to play on their own 25 yard line. It’s typical Michael Bishop magic when he scrambles and then throws to Gavin Peries for 33 yards. But the play is then followed up with another long pass attempt… this time picked off by Bryan Baldwin. Josh Freeman, takes the victory formation, and the 2006 team has the biggest upset of the tournament…. possibly of all time.


Score by Quarters  Score 
2006 14 3 17
1997 0 7 10

Note: Going into this tournament we said that upsets could happen. I would run each simulation once, and whatever happens, happens. Here’s the biggest example. After running this simulation I ran it 20 more times before I got another result that ended with 2006 beating 1997. Sometimes you just have a crappy day on the field. Even when it’s not real.

Game Leaders:

Player of the Game
James Johnson
’06 Running Back

14 att, 35 yds, 1 TD

Leading Receiver
’97 Darnell McDonald

2 rec, 33 yds, 0 TD

Leading Passer
’06 Josh Freeman

15/25, 185 yds, 0 TD, 1 INT

The Bracket

ultimate bracket

Game 6 next week: 1st Round: 2010 vs 2002

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