Another year, another glorified practice. The 1s will play the 2s, the score will get flipped at halftime, and we’ll all think we know a lot more than we really do about the next K-State football team. These things we know. But many things we don’t. So here is this year’s Top 10 questions we’ll only think we might know the answer to following Saturday’s game.

10. Who will be the defensive leader?

The losses of Jonathan Truman and Ryan Mueller leave some holes in the “all walk on turned awesome” role of the K-State defense. Neither will go down as all time greats at K-State, but both will go down on the list of all time favorites, and prototypical Bill Snyder players. But now what? The Cats return Travis Britz coming back from injury. Dante Barnett who has continually progressed throughout his career. Danzel McDaniel who wants to prove he’s more than just a huge hitter. There are plenty of options, but we’re going to have to see who can emerge as the star.

9. Is Matthew McCrane firmly holding onto the kicker position?

We all know the story. A year ago Jack Cantele had a firm hold on the position. Now Matthew McCrane does. Or so it seems. But sometimes a year can do a great thing for mental health. Cantele will be pushing to get his spot back.

8. Can the offensive line open up holes?

…Because they didn’t do it much last year.Most of the line returns, with the huge loss of BJ Finney. The talk is all about Dalton Risner now to try to fill that spot. But with almost everyone returning the question remains… can the O Line give the run game the support it’s going to desperately need in 2015?

7. Is a spring football game more exciting than a soccer match/game/contest/thing?

There is no football “game” more boring than a Spring Game. It’s a glorified practice. No matter how exciting it can seem to get to a football game, we inevitably sit back bored through most of it. That being said, at least it’s not soccer… the sport normally hosted in this stadium is the sport in which time stands still.

6. Can Charles Jones take a step forward?

In case you forgot, the K-State run game was not good last year. DeMarcus Robinson is gone. Charles Jones remained. He had some injury issues last year, which may have kept him from really taking off. Or maybe he’s just not the guy. Can he take a step forward or have we seen what we’re going to see from him?

5. Who else is going to run the ball?

GRONK! Maybe once or twice. Jarvis Leverett, last year’s spring game star is back. And we’ll get our first look at Dalvin Warmack, the hopeful heir apparent.

4. How strong can the defense be?

We mentioned the key pieces that are gone, but all in all, the K-State defense is in reload mode, not rebuild. While the offense is going to be trying to find a new identity with almost all new skill players, this could be the rare spring game in which the defense dominates.

3. Who’s going to catch the balls?

Not Tyler Lockett and Curry Sexton. We know Kody Cook and Kyle Klein will be in the running. And then there’s Andre Davis, Deante Burton, and Judah Jones. All looked like they’d figure in more than they did last year. Someone is going to have to step up and help out the quarterbacks.

2. Will we see Alex Delton?

He’s there. He’s practicing. He’ll almost certainly red shirt. But maybe we’ll see something fun before then…

1. Do we have a quarterback?

Sure. But do we have a good ones? Last time I was this concerned about the quarterback spot headed into a season we spent some time joking about the projected starter’s potential. But, then again, Collin Klein turned out to be pretty good.


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