I don’t want to talk about it.

I’m serious. The last thing I want to do right now is attempt to compose insightful prose about K-State’s 8,736-0 loss to Oklahoma (score approximate).

I’m trying, but as I type, the images of Saturday’s drubbing spring forth and I just get more and more frustrated. What results is jibberish and the sort of language that would make a sail#%$@^ ^$&&q@ &@##@!

… Wow. I apologize. 

Bill Snyder said he was embarrassed after Saturday’s game. The coaches were embarrassed. The players were embarrassed. I was… just ticked off. Had it not been for the mellowing factor of a Kansas City Royals win, there is a strong chance that today I would only be able to type poetry stylized in ALL CAPS and featuring four-letter words. College football can be cruel.

Wildcat Nation is frustrated. And, well, I can’t solve that. In fact, there’s little I can do about this, other than:

  1. Mope
  2. Pout
  3. Try to make some sense of all of this by utilizing snark-filled lists of three. Why three? If I focus enough time on any of these subjects to get to four, I fear that I might heave this laptop across the room.

Three potential reasons the Wildcats refrained from running early against a team that allowed Texas to rush for 300+

  1. They lost the running game portion of the playbook while attempting to find the Sooners a plane that worked.
  2. Del Miller had recently seen a sign at a pool that said “No Running” and assumed it was a new state statute.
  3. Scouting reports are made to be ignored?

Three potential reasons the Wildcats allowed the Sooners to gain 568 offensive yards

  1. The migration patterns of the European Swallow.
  2. The non-migratory nature of the African Swallow.
  3. The sort of defensive effort that makes the author sob at night.

Three things Wildcat fans were thinking at halftime

  1. Mmmm… burger.
  2. Mmmm… beverage.
  3. Football… Nope. Where’s my burger and beverage?

Three things worse than Saturday’s loss

  1. Black licorice
  2. Neifi Perez’s stint with the Royals
  3. My lone attempt at playing Dance Dance Revolution

Three reasons for pessimism

  1. The secondary was supposed to be a team strength. How does it look right now?
  2. It’s quite possible that the Wildcats were playing well over their heads in losses to TCU and Oklahoma State. Look at the names on this team. Who sticks out as a potential all-conference performer?
  3. This Saturday’s game against Texas looked like a surefire win two weeks ago. Today? It’s an uphill climb.

Three reasons for optimism

  1. Duke Shelly has shown some flashes at cornerback. At times, the true freshman plays like, well, a true freshman, but overall he has shown some solid cover skills over the past two games.
  2. There’s talent in the Wildcat rushing attack. I’ll believe this until the end of time. (Or, simply, until they commit to the run for a game and have less success than the push for Power Towels.)
  3. Bill Snyder. This may not be assuring to some the week after K-State’s worst loss since 1532 (year approximate), but Snyder’s teams have consistently improved from the start of the season to the end of it. Saturday’s game may have been akin to watching the live dissection of your childhood pet, but things will get better.

And if they don’t?

I don’t want to talk about it.

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Hi, I’m Derek Larson. You might remember me from such autobiographical blurbs as “Yo Soy Derek” and “Paste Blurb Here.” I was born and raised in the Manhattan area and I graduated from Kansas State University in 2005. Now I’m now adjusting to life in the land of husking corn. My groom’s cake was a Powercat and I was once convinced that the future of Wildcat basketball was a seven-foot volleyball player. I’ve written about K-State sports in different capacities, often without people asking me to. My hobbies include bringing more purple to Lincoln, Neb., and making vague (and not-so-vague) references to The Simpsons. Follow me on Twitter at @dereklarson.

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