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It’s the Salute power rankings! Each week our bloggers are ranking the Big 12 teams from top to bottom, and they’re averaged together for the official Salute power poll.  Click on one of our contributor’s names to sort by their rankings.

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Just when I thought things were settling down, this week happened. The Big 12 was just as crazy as ever; setting up an exciting final week of the Big 12 regular season. The jayhawks, shaken from their experience in the Octagon of Doom, came close to two losses and a drop in my poll. But they pulled things out and remain at the top, with OU close behind. Baylor is trying to make a final surge to end the season, and have been successful thus far. Texas keeps coming close, but not getting over the hump. Hopefully this trend continues next Saturday. So much may be 'lost' at this point, but the Wildcats are finishing strong. As many low points as there have been, the Cats still have a chance to finish in the top 6 of a tough Big 12. Go State!
Let me reinforce my ranking philosophy: I don't just reflect the standings. Now that we're clear there... this week is the most drastic shake up I've done. Points of interest:
  • I don't believe in KU. Yes they'll get another Big 12 title, but they won't make the Sweet 16. They're just not that good
  • Baylor is quietly the best team in the Big 12 right now
  • Any given night my top 5 could totally be interchangeable
  • My bottom 4 (TCU, Texas, OSU, & Tech) can be unbelievably bad, but no team in the Big 12 is good enough to guarantee an upset
  • K-State sits right in the middle due to inconsistency, not lack of talent
  • The Big 12 is not the best league in the country. They're the most competitive. There's a difference.
I think I know who number one and number ten are. I basically threw the other eight teams in a blender to come up with this jumbled mess. This is going to be an intense week, followed by a really intense tourney!
At the moment, I'd like to put KU, OU and ISU in a three-way tie for first place. The depleted Jayhawks might be third at this point, but we don't have a large enough sample size to assess how good they are without Ellis and Alexander. Baylor is clearly #4 since they swept West Virginia. Oklahoma State swept Texas and, in my opinion, is more talented than the Longhorns. K-State gets number 8 for me because I don't know what they are or who will play from game to game. TCU and Texas Tech shouldn't be allowed to play in the conference tournament. Just take the top 8.

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