K-State hasn’t always been the same. There were days when fans packed into Nichols Gymnasium desperately hoping to see some Wildcat basketball.  We’re all familiar with that famous picture of students literally hanging from the rafters.  Who knows, maybe K-State is the reason announcers still say today that a place is “packed to the rafters.”1

Eventually those students got their wish, and Ahearn Fieldhouse was born. From those who attended games there, those of us in the younger generations hear about how the noise was completely unmatched by anywhere in the nation. Today you can still drop in during the fall and catch a bit of the noise from the past as the students and fans cheer on the Volleycats2.

As great as the atmosphere was at Ahearn, eventually it came time for something bigger and newer.  Need I tell you about how great the atmosphere can be for a game at Bramlage?

Like the ever changing basketball venues, The Salute is moving into a new era. Nothing is changing with the podcast.  Mike and Cory are still going to be talking K-State sports on a weekly basis, but starting today we’re adding other content as well.  We’re still coming at you from a fan perspective, but we’re adding in more fans. Watch our site for columns from other fans, and, as always, leave your voice in the comments. We’ll be growing this site and hope to get to the point where you can find daily content in addition to the weekly podcast. It’ll take us some time to get there, but hang with us.

So from all of us at The Salute… K-State fans, we salute you!

  1. I can’t imagine why this is the first time that occurred to me… It may or not be a reason, but from now on I will assume it is. []
  2. Do I even need to mention how great the volleyball team is doing this year? Get to a game… don’t miss seeing this team in action []

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