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Thursdays at The Salute

One thing that’s become true in journalism is that if you add a question mark to any headline and suddenly you’re justified in printing it. If I say “Brownback actually cheered for Wichita State over KU?” I’ve taken speculation and made it into an actual assertion1. That’s all it takes! So let’s clear up a few question marks left by K-State basketball over the last few days…

Marcus Foster guilty of murder?

There are a few things that are clear about Marcus Foster this season. First and foremost, every K-State fan knew that he wasn’t living up to last year’s expectations. Through the majority of the season he was only able to effectively look like he cared while he was wasting away on the bench. With a few notable exceptions2 there was far less Bananas Foster than there was just plain bananas.

What we don’t know, and never will, is why. One actual news source used the question mark technique to speculate drugs. Many have speculated people got in his head trying to get him to change his game for the NBA. Problems with coaches, other players… it’s all speculation. But his dismissal seems to demonstrate that he was the root of the mental problems that plagued the Cats all season.

Bruce Weber: Win this year or fired?

I’ve been on record that this season would not, and should not, be his last. I’ve also been on record that if next season produces another losing campaign, then it’s a topic that needs to be discussed, and decisions will need to be made. But when you come to the unfortunate realization that you have to dismiss 2 players, including the previous year’s star, not to mention the point guard transferring, you’re digging yourself quite a hole. While some will look for every thing they can find to indict him3 throughout the process, he may have secured himself another year with this move. Expectations were huge this year. Next year? Everyone sees it as a year of just hoping to right the ship. Anyone with any sense knew that Weber would get a year 4. Right now it seems unlikely he won’t get a year 5 as well.

K-State to dissolve men’s basketball program?

As much as many people have declared they have seen the future and it is bleak, the reality is that no one knows. Next year is probably going to be rough. The rebuilding job just got rebuildinger. The question is whether or not this program can regain some footing. There’s a virtual blank slate now. A team that was torn apart by factions has been dissected, with only a few parts remaining. What’s left is a small, but promising group of role players. Those who want to be a program are now the foundation. The question is, where will we find the cornerstone?


  1. Actually, though, it’s true. In spite of his dual branded t-shirt, he was wearing a WSU sweater vest on Friday and cheering openly for them, while arriving at halftime of the KU game and just sitting on his hands. His seats were about 5 rows in front of mine. []
  2. The KU game, at OU, and the final shot (only) of the game in Bramlage against OU []
  3. Case in point: The same people who say all year that Bruce needs to discipline and handle the players blow up at him for when he does precisely that. []

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