K-State champsRemember that year in K-State sports when our football and men’s basketball team won the Big 12 Championship? Or when both of our head coaches won the Big 12 coach of the year? I have to pinch myself to make sure I’m not dreaming. Everyone who knows the history of Kansas State sports never thought this would be possible. Back when my parents attended Kansas State they were strictly a basketball school, growing up we were mainly a football school and now I can proudly say we are both.

Saturday was such a roller coaster of emotions. I had some personal things I was also dealing with, but in the end it seemed like everything was right with the world when kU got slaughtered by Baylor.


Everyone has their superstitions and or their good luck charms. I have both. Those personal things:  My godmother passed away a year ago, Saturday. At the homecoming game this year my godfather gave me the necklace she would wear to every K-State game.  I haven’t taken it off since. After the year we have had in sports this year I am not ashamed to call it my good luck charm. I think my good luck charm could have had something to do with our championships and I hope you think yours had something to do with it too.

It’s time to wear your purple even more these next couple of weeks… well that might not be possible. But I know one thing, that necklace will be around my neck.

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