The last thing I want to do today is write a blog post about Kansas State.  I can’t totally place it, but I may be working my way through the stages of grief.  Everyone has more than likely gone through these stages at least once in their lives.  It may have happened in a more serious manner, but as we continue to work through the mourning from Saturday’s loss, here’s what you may encounter:

Stage 1:  Denial


As K-State fell behind early in Waco, it was apparent this game would be a struggle. But it was also apparent who would win, right?  We’d been through this before.  And after being down 21 points in the 1st half, K-State scored 10 points in the final 1:47 of the half.  It couldn’t possibly happen to us. We had the momentum, and we had to win. Not to mention, we had the ball to start the 2nd half.

Stage 2: Anger


We love this team. How can they possibly make us angry?  I don’t know… perhaps the Heisman trophy front runner could throw an ill-advised pass that gets picked off in the end zone.  And then maybe a defense that’s been able to shut down the run all season allows a hole the size of a freaking Mack Truck and gives up a 1 PLAY  80 YARD TOUCHDOWN DRIVE OH MY GOD I’M SO ANGRY!

Stage 3: Bargaining

Ok, we can live without a Heisman. I mean, I’d love for Collin to get that, but let’s give it up now just for a shot at the title. I don’t mind.  Even if we only get to the game, we don’t need to win it.  What if we win this game by 1, and advance.  That’s all we need to do right now… it’s good enough, right?

Stage 4: Depression

I get it.  This is awful. We had it in our hands and then we’re not even good enough to take care of business against a team that still isn’t bowl eligible.  They have 2 Big XII wins now, against the best and worst teams in the conference… with nothing in between?  How can this happen?  And then, of all things, to watch Oregon lose and know that it doesn’t mean a thing to us. Why? WHY?

Stage 5: Acceptance

I don’t know how to write about this one.  No one that I know of has come to accept this grief yet. We’ll eventually get over it.  No, not get over it. But we’ll have to accept that it happened.  I can’t imagine anyone has at this point… except one person.

If there is one person who has moved on, it’s Bill Snyder.  I have no doubts that by yesterday he was back at work preparing for Texas.  He has his 2nd Big XII title in sight   He’s going to make sure our guys are ready.  We still have 2 games left this season.  We can finish 12-1 and remember the greats of this season.  A Big XII title and BCS bowl victory are still in our grasp.  Accept that.

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