K-State vs TexasAs everyone knows because there is proof and has been said over and over. We Own Texas.  Since 2006 they’ve only managed 3 wins against us in football and men’s basketball, when we’ve beaten them a dozen times.  You know it’s bad when the football coach who shall never be named even had their number.  It may be the only team he could beat, but we will always remember those wins.

Given the longevity of K-State’s ownership of Texas, it’s about time we lay down some ground rules for them to live by.

1) The eyes of Texas are no longer upon them. Until they can beat us, their eyes are upon K-State.

steak2) Sorry, Bevo, as we say say, ” BEEF, it’s what’s for dinner!”

3) Mack Brown should no longer complain about us putting the horns down. They are down. Start coaching and maybe you can trend upwards again… it’ll be hard to go further down. Not to mention, the hand signal looks less obscene that way.

4) There is no need to play the fight song since it’s played when they need to rally. When we play them they typically have no chance of rallying, rendering the song pointless.

5) No more Longhorn Network. This put a lot of Kansas City residents stuck to the radio. Nothing is wrong with Wyatt or Stan (they are much better than the ones that were on TV). I learned more about Texas tennis and softball then I ever wanted to. No one should ever be subjected to this channel again.

6) You’re welcome to continue your tradition of playing “Wabash Cannonball” during games, just be aware that you’re playing it for us… and Wabash we will.

7) All your win are belong to us (I don’t know this reference, but Mike told me I should use it, and he’s the editor of the site, so there you go.).

8)  From now on all your recruiting classes are ranked 666th. You may recruit some of the best athletes in the nation, but those rankings are based on potential, and with your coaching, they have none.

9) You are no longer permitted to yell your “Texas!…Fight!” chant without laughing.

10) Always pay your rent on time. Next due, September 21st.  We’ll be at your place to pick it up.


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