That’s it.  The season’s over. Well, the regular season at least.  This Sunday has been different than any of the previous 12.  No waiting for the polls to come out in the morning… no planning ahead to next week’s game… Even last week we had the mad rush for Fiesta Bowl tickets and MCI-PHX flights.  But now that we’re in a different place it’s time for comparisons.  As the season continued the talk intensified, the comparisons between ’12 and ’98 became more and more abundant.

Let’s focus on one thing.  The number 7’s.  Bishop vs. Klein.  It’s already been broken down by stats, and not being one for math, how about we stick with personal preference?  Anyone could make an argument for either guy, but I’ve come to my conclusion.  I could spend hours going back and forth on who the better quarterback was, but when it comes to my favorite…


(insert drumroll)

Collin Klein. Why?  Not to take anything away from Michael Bishop, but few could live up to the standards that Collin Klein has set on and off the field.  The quarterback oozes class, and does so without even cursing. Let’s face it, when asked about his vices, the worst thing he could come up with was eating too much Call Hall ice cream.

Every player who makes it to the Heisman ceremony says it’s a team award.  Yeah, I’m sure Johnny Football had only his team in mind.  But with Klein… he actually means it.  He wears a powercat pin on his lapel that bears the word “team.”  He doesn’t need to be reminded that it’s about team… he is the one who reminds the rest of us.

Bishop may be flashier.  Not to take anything away from Klein’s athleticism, but few could live up to the standards that he set.  One of the strongest arms K-State has ever seen… no question he could throw the ball harder and faster than Klein.  But could he run the offense like Klein?  Would as many players drop all their personal agendas to follow his leadership?

Comparing players from different eras is always an argument that can’t be proven… so forget best… but perhaps I have a new favorite.


Who’s yours?

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