When everyone knows exactly what you’re going to write about, somehow it becomes more difficult. I have to find a way to follow the biggest game we’ve seen in Manhattan… maybe ever. It is still really difficult to put these feelings into words.

Saturday night the majority of The Salute’s audience experienced one of the greatest nights of their lives. I know I did. I have been to many significant K-State victories in my life, but this one was just a bit different.

There was the ’98 Nebraska game with the best pre-game sketch Willie has ever done. 2 years later against Nebraska it rained, sleeted and snowed all in a matter of 60 minutes of football. In 2003 I got to witness the first time we beat Nebraska in Lincoln since ’68. Just a couple weeks later in the Big 12 Championship game, we watched Kansas State beat the team that couldn’t be beaten… Actually we watched them demolish the team that couldn’t be beaten.  In 2006, against Texas, I was in the student section, convinced we were going to lose (please don’t hate me).  But with all that, this is the first time I can remember crying after a victory.

And then there was Saturday, December 1, 2012. Texas. BIG 12 CHAMPIONS!!! What a great reward to an amazing season we have had so far. Every single person on this team deserves this Big 12 Championship. And to us, the fans, this game may mean to us than some of the ones I mentioned above. For me it does because now I’m actually adult and will remember every little feeling I had during the game.  Being a kid I think I took winning games for granted (even the big ones), which made me more upset when we lost, but not nearly as happy when we won.  I am going to enjoy this Big 12 Championship more than I did in 2003… because they just don’t come around quite that often.  When something like this happens… take it from me… it’s special.


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