When I was in college, I rarely missed a home game. After I graduated, I moved far from Manhattan, and could not go to games. I also did not live where I could watch most games. I mostly listened to them via online radio.

Then, I moved back to the Promised Land that is Manhattan, Kansas, and was able to start going to games again. Even when I moved to Kansas City a year later, I kept my season tickets. Then I started back in school. Now my weekends are filled with studying, and I often work right up to kick-off. The good news is, now I (more often than not) can watch the games on the television. The bad news is, most of my game-watching buddies ARE able to go to the games, and I am left to find a place to watch on my own.

As I sat at my parent’s house (they have the better tv by far) this past Saturday, I reflected a bit on the pros and cons of watching the game from the couch.

Pro: I can pause the game to go to the bathroom, and there is no line. Well. Most of the time (looking at you padre)

Con: No game day atmosphere. I can get pumped for the game still, but there is no purple sea to look upon and be proud I am a part of. Listening to the cheers and watching the Wabash on the screen just isn’t the same.

Pro: No jerk three rows back making obnoxious and ridiculous statements

Con: Announcers making obnoxious and ridiculous statements

Pro: When Klein is pulled, I can watch him carefully on the sideline to make sure he is not too badly injured

Con: It turns out this does nothing to actually help Klein recover

Pro: Drinking beer during the game.

Con: Getting my dad to jump up and high five for every touchdown and major play can be a struggle

Pro: DVR provides excellent instant replay capabilities

Con: Rewinding and listening hard so I can get my first down chop timed perfectly over the noise of the crowd

Pro: When the game is over, I am home, or only 15 minutes from home.

Con: There is something very special about sitting outside the stadium listening to Bill Snyder post-game

All in all, it is not such a bad thing to watch the game from home, but nothing beats a day at the Bill Snyder Family Stadium with 50,000 of my closest friends.

About The Author

John graduated from K-State in 2007 with a History degree. He's currently a law student and dreams of the day when he can both practice law AND be a regular game attender. He has a passion for human rights, Tallgrass Buffalo Sweat, and anything Joe Posnanski writes. Follow him on Twitter at @Creagarmania.

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