The Cats aren’t in the post-season this year. Blah blah blah…

Yeah, I’m angry. And you are too. There’s nothing better than the big dance, and we got a taste of it 6 of the last 7 years. So what do you do when you’re back to feeling the void of the 1996-2007 Wildcats? I’m going to still watch every second that I can. I’m even going to go to the games at the Omaha site. And when I watch, I’ll watch angry, my friends. And here are the top 10 most anger inducing games of the NCAA First Round1 for K-State fans.

10. (3) Baylor vs (14) Georgia State

Remember the feel good story of 2 years ago, Kevin Ware’s busted leg? Well, he apparently wasn’t good enough for Louisville anymore after that, so you have to root for his Georgia State team, right? But dagnabit, we should root for the Big 12, even if that’s Baylor.

9. (3) Iowa State vs (14) UAB

Ok, to be honest this one mostly makes me angry just because Iowa State should have gotten the 2 seed instead of KU. They should have won the Big 12 instead of KU. Also: Save UAB Football.

8. (2) Gonzaga vs (15) North Dakota State

Freaking North Dakota State.

7. (3) Oklahoma vs (14) Albany

I love Lon Kruger. He’s a K-State legend. I wasn’t around when he left, so I don’t have those hard feelings that some older fans have. But what I hate is that I have to root for him as an Oklahoma coach. But go, Lon, go.

6. (1) Kentucky vs (16) Hampton

Let’s face it, every game involving Kentucky this year will be annoying. And this one even moreso because they should have at least been playing Manhattan. Just because they’re called Manhattan. Silly Jaspers. But then again, we’ll surely get to see several clips of Hampton knocking off Iowa State, right?

5. (8) Oregon vs (9) Oklahoma State

Another former K-State coach in the tourney. Ever wonder what would have happened if the Cats had kept Dana Altman? I do. But they didn’t. And, oh, by the way, Oklahoma State isn’t as good as us. Or at least as we should have been. Dammit. Now I’m mad.

4. (7) Wichita State vs (10) Indiana vs (2) Kansas vs (15) New Mexico State

Last year the Sunflower State party was in St. Louis, where no teams actually made it back out. This year the neighboring state host is Omaha. Only we weren’t invited. If that’s not enough to make you angry, this year’s match-up that hopefully won’t happen is KU vs Wichita State. Why do I hope it won’t happen? Because Go Aggies.

3. (8) Cincinnati vs (9) Purdue 

Last year we played in an 8/9 game. We had to play Kentucky. This year Purdue, who we kicked the crap out of, gets to play Cincy. Try not to be livid thinking that whole scenario through.

2. (6) Butler vs (11) Texas

Do I even need to explain this one?

1. (2) Arizona vs (15) Texas Southern

K-State’s “best loss” vs the absolute worst. The game where we knew anything could be possible this season, and the game we found out that it really was. And you can never tell how a game, let alone a season, might change given a certain event being different… but maybe, just maybe…. Crap. Now I’m really pissed.


What? Who’s bitter? Me? Never.


  1. Yes, I know that this year it’s still technically called the 2nd round, but shut up. []

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