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I have a new Thanksgiving tradition. Every year I will attend the Sunflower Showdown. I made it this year. My first K-State football game since a Ron Prince-led debacle at Mizzou back in 2006. That’s right 7 years since I last saw the Wildcats play football in person.

Getting to the game was an adventure. I spend the Thanksgiving holiday in Topeka every year. I began searching for tickets through Twittter, Facebook, StubHub and Craigslist about a month ago. Numerous helpful Wildcat fans and even some Jayhawk fans tried to hook me up with a ticket. Twice I passed up on a $20 ticket on Stubhub. The nearly $10 in fees was unappealing. Eventually on Friday night, I got a DM on Twitter from Riley Gates. He hooked me up with a friend that had an extra ticket for free.

I arranged an 8:45 ticket pick-up at a Burger King off of I-70 in west Topeka. With free ticket in hand I said goodbye to my family and headed to Lawrence. I went straight to the sports bar, Wayne and Larry’s, to catch a shuttle to the stadium.

Its very odd having a Family Zone GA ticket and going solo to a game. I chose a seat near K-State fans in the 6th row of the north endzone. I thought other Wildcat fans would filter in around me. However, I ended up surrounded my KU fans. They weren’t bright. They called Tyler Lockett a girl for diving to the turf to avoid a hit. They also ripped their own punter and decided to teach their sons to punt so they could easily get a scholarship to Kansas.

The KU fans behind me eventually sounded intelligent when they said that Weis is a terrible coach. They punctuated their point by saying Bill Snyder is a great coach and a great person.

The Beakers behind me became unbearable so I moved to the opposite corner of the endzone in the 4th quarter. I figured being seated with Wildcat fans would increase my chances of getting to congratulate the team as they came to sideline after the game. They didn’t come to us, but it was still fun to see.

The whole experience was fun. It would’ve been more fun to go with some friends or meet up with friends I haven’t seen in a while. Next year, it will happen. I’m buying my tickets to Manhattan early and going with some other Catbackers.

Go Cats!

About The Author

Seth is a 2000 graduate of the A.Q. Miller School of Journalism at Kansas State. While in Manhattan he wrote for the Kansas State Collegian, reported for the Wildcat 91.9 and interned at KSNT-TV in Topeka. He teaches now, but still play with his journalism degree. Living in the middle of Missouri makes it harder to follow the Cats, but he wears enough purple to draw stares at the grocery store. Follow him on Twitter at @catbacker77

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