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Well who saw that one coming? I’ve been on the frustrated and disappointed train this season, just like everyone else, but I’ve kept a positive outlook knowing that the pieces were there for this to be a good K-State team. That’s what made it so frustrating watching them consistently under perform. But then we watched Gip get benched, and get better. We saw Marcus Foster get benched, and it took a bit longer, but in the past two games the Marcus Foster we fell in love with a year ago is back. And most importantly, we’re starting to believe that K-State basketball is back.

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  • The win over TCU was huge for gaining confidence. It was far from a beautiful game, but it was the step that the Cats needed. Last night was a return to form of the K-State team that we had expected to see going into the season.
  • While taking a step forward against TCU, even those of us most optimistic about the Cats didn’t expect a win at Oklahoma. After last year’s debacle in Norman, it seemed to be a long shot. Just play well and don’t get blown out and we could keep moving forward. As the game went on it became clear that a loss would be a disappointment. Once it got to OT I felt comfortable that we could escape with some pride and continue reassembling this crazy season that is K-State basketball. The win, however was pretty sweet scoop of Call Hall ice cream on top of the cake.
  • Remember that talk of if we’d go winless in the Big 12 just a week ago? 2-1 now. It’s early in conference play, and we’re still not an NCAA bubble team, but once again: the pieces are in place, and this team may do some pretty nice things as we continue.
  • Marcus Foster had the last 4 points in regulation and the game winning 3 in overtime, but he shares the star of the game honors with Stephen Hurt who led the Cats in scoring with 15 points and 8 rebounds, both career highs. Gip was also in double figures.
  • Not only was this the first road win of the season for K-State, it’s the first time at K-State that Bruce Weber has led a team to a win over a ranked team on the road. That’s a big monkey to get off your back, made bigger by the team’s struggles this season.
  • No stranger to giving up 4 point leads late in a game, the Cats turned the tables this time, taking away OU’s 4 point lead with 49 seconds to play.
  • 63 points almost seems like a lot for the Cats to give up lately. But once again, as it has been even through the struggles, the Wildcat defense has been stifling.  Even with the overtime, K-State held OU 10 points below their season average.
  • Happy birthday Thomas Gipson!
  • Buddy Hield is really good. He had almost half of Oklahoma’s points.
  • So did you hear the one about how Bill Snyder became a hall of fame coach this week? Ok, so technically he was just elected to the hall of fame and he won’t be a hall of famer until the induction ceremony, but still…. The induction ceremony will be in New York City on December 8. If you want to get overly technical about it, he won’t be an active coach in the College Football Hall of Fame until next year’s bowl game. But none of that matters. What matters is that he’s the star of this class. The other big names headed in, Jim Tressell and Brian Bosworth, aren’t exactly known for doing it the right way.
  • Mike Dibbini was formally announced as the first K-State Women’s Soccer coach. I lived in Salina while he was coaching at Kansas Wesleyan, so I’d heard the name, but I can’t say I was following a lot of women’s soccer at the time. But he’s a guy that wants to be at K-State. We’ll just see how he can handle building a program. he’s not the most charismatic guy… a trait you generally think of for a successful program foundation. But get good athletes and win some games, and none of that will matter.
  • K-State women still have their weekend game today. It’s part 1 of the Sunflower Showdown. And it’s on tv if you can’t make it to Manhattan.
  • Next up for the men’s team is a Texas Tech team that was just blown out by KU yesterday. Barring a let down, always possible with this team, K-State should start Big 12 play at 3-1. Not too shabby.

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