In my head yesterday, as the clock was winding down in regulation, I decided that as the Cats were going to escape with a win I was going to title today’s post “The Great Escape.”  3 OTs and a day to let it all sink in later, “mediocre” is the best I can do.

  • Hey youngsters, just a reminder that college overtime only began in 1996. K-State finally has a winning record all time in overtime games, now standing at 2-1. Really, it’s amazing that in 19 years of OT, we’ve only done it 3 times. One of which was the worst day of my life and we’ll never speak of it.
  • Jack Cantele was 4-4 yesterday with a career high 44 yard FG to push the game to 3 OTs

    Jack Cantele was 4-4 yesterday with a career high 44 yard FG to push the game to 3 OTs

    Quote of the Week:

Honestly nothing was going through my mind. I wanted to make sure I lined up correctly and just let the rest take care of itself. I have practiced those kicks a thousand times in practice, so I am just going to let it take care of itself. – Jack Cantele

  • Jack is back! After the bank shot that got the Cats on the board, he was money all day. 4-4 on on the day including the clutch 44 yarder (tying his career high) to extend the game in the 2nd overtime.
  • This was the K-State team I was worried about seeing before the season began. Every question on offense was on display for the world to see. Yes, they’re not going to be that vanilla for the rest of the season, but aside from the good parts of Justin Silmon that we’ve seen so far, can anyone really see that we’ve seen something from this offense that makes you feel better now than before the season began? I don’t ever doubt the master, but I’m nervous.
  • How about Silmon? 24 carries for 114 yards. Both are obviously career highs. It’s the first 100 yard rusher for the Cats since Hubert. The average isn’t what it was with the small sample size, but it remains clear that the offense is better when he’s on the field. Hey may not get the start in two weeks against OSU, but it’s clear that he’s taken control of the feature back role.
  • Kody Cook scores the game winning TD

    Kody Cook scores the game winning TD

    Without a wide receiver star this year it almost feels like we need a WR of the week. Congrats Kody Cook. That’s you.

  • Fans are going crazy against the Wildcat formation now… oh how the tide turns. It did work a few times when fans around me were whining that it didn’t (if you only need a yard and  you get a yard, it worked). But I’m in agreement. That formation is useless without the threat of a pass. In post game Snyder kept reiterating that they can do it, they just haven’t. But after saying that a few times, I’m not sure if he really believes it. The one reason I’m not as upset about using it now: we don’t have any QBs hurt. I won’t be heartbroken if Charles Jones sprains an ankle on that play. If Hubener does… well….
  • Jordan Willis and Elijah Lee were fantastic yesterday. Lee had 12 tackles, his new career high. Willis had 2.5 of K-State’s 5 sacks on the day… also a career high. Both came up huge with fumble plays that changed the tide of the game.
  • The touchdown streak to start the season ended at 10 quarters. Best ever for the Cats… 2002 made it 8.
  • Opponent Quote of the Week:

Let me say that, what a football game, huh? – Skip Holtz

  • I don’t know, coach… maybe you should be kinda bummed you lost.
  • How about that Bill Snyder Family Stadium WiFi, eh? No, really, did it work for anyone? I got signed on and it worked for awhile… then it didn’t. Then it did. Then it didn’t. Then I gave up and went back to using my data. Yay, unlimited data.
  • The VolleyCats fell in their last two matches. Losing to #11 Wisconsin didn’t hurt. Losing to a very good, up and coming Arkansas team in 5 sets was not ideal. They’re playing Creighton as I write this, and will take on KU in their tiny little shack of a gym on Wednesday. Seriously… it holds like 300 people. That’s one way to keep the purple out. It’s tough to find the secondary market on that one.
  • K-State’s next opponent (@ OSU on 10/3) destroyed UTSA yesterday in Stillwater 69-14. They’ll play at Texas next Saturday while the Cats are trying to get better. Please get better, Cats.
  • Programming note: With a bye week on Saturday we’re planning on Tuesday and Thursday shows this week and next instead of the usual Monday, Wednesday, Friday schedule.


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