You know what feels like a great start to a season? Answering the question at kickoff returner with Morgan Burns going 100 yards on the opening kickoff for a TD. You know what’s not a great sign? Losing your starting QB on the first play of the season.  Also a great start? Finishing the game with a shut out… bad opponent not withstanding.

  • Morgan Burn’s opening kickoff return was the first time the Cats have ever done that to start the season since record keeping on that sort of thing began in 1936. Kind of amazing, really, given how great the kickoff returns have always been under Snyder, and how many bad teams they’ve played to start the season.
  • Speaking of… the Cats have returned a kickoff 11 straight years now.
  • Speaking of streaks, this was the 21st straight sell out. Announced attendance was 53,297 in the stadium that officially holds 50,000.188
  • You have to feel horrible for Ertz, although as of now there’s no word on his availability going forward. The ankle tackle that took him out of the game was on a nice 5 yard run play. So the not knowing exactly what we have in Ertz continues.
  • You have to feel great for Joe Huebner who looked very good in relief coming into the game earlier than expected. He was 9/18 for 147 yards with 1 TD and no interceptions or sacks. He also picked up 38 yards on the ground.
  • Huebner’s TD pass came on an amazing catch by Deante Burton. Perhaps even more amazing, the play was sent in as a run play. Burton signaled that he had a mismatch to Huebner who changed the protection to a pass call, and threw a nice ball with an even better touchdown catch. All in all, it was a very mature play from two guys without a lot of experience.
  • Winston Dimel scored 2 TDs. The first two of his career, to go along with Burton’s first TD. Looks like Dimel is the go to in the power goal line run game instead of Gronk.
  • Oh yeah, how about that power run game? Without a doubt, the most encouraging thing I saw was the 5 play, 45 yard touchdown drive that was all power run. Justin Silmon ran for 18, 12, and 8 on back to back to back carries. Gronk picked up 5, and then Dimel capped it off with the touchdown. It was old fashioned Snyderball and it was a thing of beauty.
  • Shut outs are good, but is anything ever good enough for Bill? The Quote of the Week:
Bill Snyder On achieving a shutout defensively…
“Zero speaks for itself, but I am going to look a little deeper than that. There were some times where we had them pinned deep in their own field, and we would continue to let them out and we just were not as good with three-and-outs. I want to commend South Dakota’s coaches and players. They compete and never gave up or stopped fighting, but we are a better football team. We need to have better things happen than what we showed tonight.”
  • Joe Glenn, the South Dakota head coach, had something to say about Snyder, too… the Opponent Quote of the Week:
On coaching against Bill Snyder…
“He is an icon. The only thing good about it is if we went out for a beer, I would probably get carded. That was on Twitter, somebody said that. Bill is a fabulous coach and just look what he has done here. Nobody else has even come remotely close to what Bill Snyder has done here. You have to give his coaching staff a lot of credit. They have a lot of veteran coaches that are very successful coaches. He has done a great job of molding that football staff. I grew up watching Kansas State and they just got slaughtered all of the time. He did it once, built it up, they lost it and then he came back and built it up again. He has got it, whatever it is, he has got it.”
  • The VolleyCats finished the Varney’s Invitational by sweeping that tourney. They’re now 5-1 on the season and are still undefeated all time when playing in Bramlage.
  • Yes, all the talk was the band. Yes, I saw it immediately and tweeted about it immediately. No, it wasn’t on purpose. The band clearly didn’t quite nail the formation. People who think you have to have a gutter brain to see it the way we did are nuts. It was clearly bad looking… but a big deal? Nah, just a funny picture. The charts that Tracz released show that you probably couldn’t have seen that error coming.

  • We’re going to try something new this year… readers of The Salute get a (non-binding) vote on the EMAWard. We’ll give a few options in the Sunday Seconds post, but you can add your own thoughts in the comments as well:


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