Are you really reading this? Congrats, you’re a die hard. I was on vacation last week, so even we were mailing it in on The Salute. K-State is now in the midst of its longest losing streak since 2008, and it’s hard to imagine that we get much reprieve anytime soon, even with a bye week before hosting Baylor… whose quarterback broke his neck yesterday. By now we all get that it’s just a plug and play system down there without anyone who is particularly good, right?

Whatever. Let’s talk about some stuff.

  • It’s interesting to me that K-State’s 2nd half has been described as a comeback. Let’s keep in mind that we only scored a field goal in the half. What happened was the defense managed to stiffen up for the most part, but the offense continued to struggle in a game that should have been totally winnable.
  • As winnable as the game was, let’s let go of the idea that Texas is a terrible team. They’re a 3-4 team, that had it not been for some really fluky plays, they could easily be 5-2.
  • That being said, the defense was pretty good in the 2nd half after a pretty dismal first half. Travis Britz had a career high 9 tackles (including 4 for loss). Kendall Adams, getting his first start had 7. And you see a lot of hope for the future in a “not quite ready yet” way in the entire unit with guys like Duke Shelley, Elijah Lee, and Sean Newlan continuing to impress while making the mistakes you expect from their experience levels.
  • K-State ran the ball! At this point people won’t be happy unless they run it on every play, of course. Such is the nature of crowd sourced social media opinions. But overall, they did run, and at times ran it well. Charles Jones broke the 100 yard barrier for the first time with his 122 yards.
  • The offensive line largely did a nice of creating that for Jones… and instead of bouncing for holes he’s running through them. Over the past few weeks we have seen a transformation into what we hoped he could be.
  • That being said, it wasn’t enough… overall the lines were beaten on both sides of the ball. The opponent quote of the week:

We did, and they loaded the box with eight, and we knew we were going to get eight in the box, and we told our guys all week, there’s going to be eight in the box. Somebody has got to stay on the block and make sure that our running backs can just run through tacklers. And then defensively, we knew they were going to run the ball, so we needed to load the box, also. They had some runs that squirted out on us. But it’s all about just being physical and playing physical and then dominating at the point of attack. -Charlie Strong

  • The four losses in a row are the first since 2008 for K-State… go back to 2005 to find the last time it happened under Snyder. It’s not the end of the world, but it’s bad. Real bad.
  • Quote of the Week:

We have to pull together we can’t be pointing fingers. We have guys that are not going to give up, they are tough guys, and we need to buy into Coach Snyder’s system. -Joe Hubener

  • Hey, the VolleyCats won! They swept Tech in Lubbock. They’re headed to the other extreme end of the Big 12 for a Wednesday match at West Virginia.
  • Programming note: With a bye week this week, we’re going to extend the shows a bit. I’m planning on releasing the game review episode on Tuesday, the midweek episode on Thursday, and the Baylor pregame show next Tuesday. But of course all of that is subject to change.
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