Have you recovered?  Whether you were celebrating on the field, Aggieville, at a watch party, or alone at home, clearly you were celebrating.  We’d love to hear from you for this week’s show. Give us a call at 601.885.EMAW or email TheSalute@CollegeSportsVision.com to share what winning K-State’s 2nd Big XII Championship means to you.

  • All of the numbers are in.  While I still think Johnny Manziel’s hype machine (Read: ESPN) will likely win out, any Heisman voters who are watching the games instead of waiting for ESPN to tell them who to vote for saw more compelling reasons to vote for Klein who  rushed for 108 yards and 2 TDs and completed 8/14 passes for 183 yards and a TD.
  • Other seniors who came up big on senior day:  Arthur Brown was all over the field making tackles, Meshak Williams was indispensible, Chris Harper had 3 catches for 59 yards, and Travis Tannahill had a huge 29 yard catch in a big spot, and Nigel Malone (almost) got the scoring started with a huge 1st quarter interception. Did I miss any?
  • Texas’s offense kept making me think we were watching Boise State.   They were 100% incapable of moving the ball without using misdirection.
  • Basketball happened today too.  We won.  Juuuuuust a bit overshadowed at the moment.
  • Post-game quote of the week:
    Senior Defensive End Meshak Williams
    On what the locker room was like…

“It was crazy in there, everybody was happy even Coach Snyder was smiling. You do not see that much. It was crazy and I am going to cherish every moment of this.”

  • Opponent quote of the week:
    Texas Head Coach Mack Brown:
    On Bill Snyder…

“Bill is unbelievable I have said many times that I think what he has done here is the best in the country from start to finish. The crowd is also unbelievable those fifty thousand were there an hour, hour and a half before the game and never sit down.  You have to give K-State a lot of credit they have built a wonderful place here and it is a tough place to play at.”    


  • K-State just sent out an email to those who pre-ordered tickets to the Fiesta Bowl.  The Fiesta Bowl is providing us with 4,000 more tickets than the usual allotment to accommodate every ticket that was pre-ordered, so everyone who pre-ordered is getting a ticket.  Everyone else?  Find a way to get there.
  • By the way, that email?  It’s as official and unofficial can get. We’re going to the mother-effing Fiesta Bowl! 
  • Let us know if any listeners/readers of The Salute are going to be in Phoenix.  If we have enough interest, maybe we’ll do a meet-up. As for me, my tickets are secured, and my flight is booked.  See you there.
  • I know you saw it last night… and probably 15 times today, but here’s another time:

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