When you go into a game expecting to get destroyed, and you do, you just sigh and walk away. When, instead, you have an 18 point halftime lead and can’t hold it and lose a close one, there’s no amount of positive takeaways that make you feel better about it. And that’s where we are today.

  • When the game started with Aaron Green’s 86 yard touchdown run, it felt like it was going to be a long, long day. It wasn’t, but I guess that’s one of those positives that doesn’t feel good. To feel bad: this was the first run of 80 or more yards that K-State has allowed since 2002 (85 yards vs Colorado).
  • The difference between first and second half the last two weeks is mind boggling.  The 35 points scored in the 1st half of the game were the most scored in a 1st half since 2013 vs Texas Tech and 28 points in the 2nd quarter were the most in a quarter since 2012 vs. KU. Of course, maybe that means it’s not so much a tale of two halves instead of the tale of one really good quarter.
  • K-State was a perfect 5 for 5 on TDs once reaching the end zone last week. They were perfect again this week,  6 for 6. Hubener’s 4 rushing TDs showed he could do it too… it’s not just a Kody Cook thing.
  • How about the Hubener run game? Sure we don’t have anyone to replace when if he gets killed, but watching him run for 111 yards was a lot of fun. He seems to be improving a ton in terms of patience and recognizing the path. Think Collin Klein may be sitting in the film room with him?
  • Hi Charles Jones! He was really good through a ton of this game. He ditched the shake and bake on  most of his 13 carries and picked up 75 yards and 2 TDs as a result. Was it enough to limit the carries of Justin Silmon they way they were? I don’t know about that. How much better might that two headed monster have been?
  • And that brings us to the point of today’s post about offensive play calling. Should K-State have run the ball more? Yeah, probably so. I’ve been fully on board with the we need to commit to the run train all year. Our personnel, combined with the improvements in the offensive line the past two weeks, seem to be signaling how clearly that transition needs to be made. We had some success with the run in the first half as well. Yes, I would like to see a lot more run than we’ve been doing.
  • But… if you’re one of the people calling for Dana Dimel to be fired, grow up. This coaching staff has put together a lot of success over the past several years. And you can criticize and have a difference in opinion. But when you watch a pass play that doesn’t work and say “they should have run it” you’re making a ton of assumptions about how it would have worked, and what would have happened. We all know that hindsight is 20-20, but don’t forget, you win every game when you get to write your own script for how you play calls would have worked. If you’re in the stands or on your couch, like me, I can assure you, you don’t have have all the information, or a fraction of the knowledge of the game that this coaching staff had.
  • So what would have happened if we had run the ball more? First of all, it was the 1st down passes that forced us in to the need to pass more. When you make that call, and it isn’t completed, you put yourself in the position to have to do it again. If you run the ball and get stopped at the line you’re in the same position. Did the pass calls come from the booth or from a check on the field? I don’t know that either. A lot of the success in the first half was aided by good field position (hello Bryant pressure leading to Lee interception!), and pass interference calls that inexplicably stopped being called in the 2nd half.  All I know is that I agree we should have run the ball more, but the way the game played out is a lot harder to find fault with than Twitter coaches would have you believe.
  • Also: Don’t tell me about time of possession. That’s a meaningless stat when you give up 1 play touchdown drives. K-State held the ball 39 minutes and gave up 52 points.
  • Also: of course you kick the ball on 4th and 1 for the tie. Don’t be stupid.
  • Quote of the Week:

I wanted to go for it, but that was the coach’s call. They felt our defense had the ability to hold them up. They thought we could kick the field goal for the tie and go into overtime. -Joe Hubener

  • Of course we want our QB to want to go for it. And it was worth thinking about. But the decision to kick was the right one. Even if Bill Snyder later called it a mistake. Yes, hindsight and writing your own script and all that.
  • Opponent quote of the Week:

Not at all. It was smart. It’s what I would have done.. – Gary Patterson

  • The VolleyCats swept West Virginia yesterday in Bramlage. Yay VolleyCats! They won 25-20, 25-20, 25-23. It was close, and WV isn’t good. But they really needed that win. Also they’re still undefeated all time in Bramlage. They’re off until Saturday.
  • K-State’s next opponent, Oklahoma, lost that little Cotton Bowl game they do every year to Texas. So next week’s game is a battle of teams that just got kicked in the junk.
  • So about that EMAWard…



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