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It’s getting to be old hat, isn’t it?  As much as none of us wants to admit it, reactions on social media seem to prove it. We all thought we had a chance to win that game yesterday, but none of us expected to win.  As closely matched as these teams may be getting, there’s a mental hurdle of a couple decades of history that K-State just can’t overcome.  But there’s no need to wallow, selection Sunday has come.

  • For the 3rd straight year, St. Paddy’s day falls on an important day for K-State basketball.  2 years ago it was the win over Utah State. Last year it was that infamous Jamar Samuels-less game against Syracuse. This year it’s selection Sunday.  With a win last night we may have moved up to a 3 seed.  As it is, I expect K-State to be a 4. The convincing win over Oklahoma State should have cemented that.  Losing to kU, like every other loss we have, is simply not a bad loss.
  •  A lot has been said about officiating over the years, particularly when playing against kU. You can’t take away the fact that kU played better than us, but you also can’t take away the fact that both halves started with 6 fouls on K-State before a single one was called on kU. They are protected, and it does affect the way you have to play against them.
  • Post game quote of the week:
    Head Coach Bruce Weber

    We’ve done a lot of good things, but there’s still more good things to come. Hopefully that’s what the kids – I told them to keep their heads up and we got basketball left. But the next time you’re sad it’s all over, and I don’t want that to come for a while.

  • That history we talked about? There’s a lot to fight. After playing in the championship round for the 2nd time in 4 years, we’re still just 11-17 in the Big 12 Tournament. There were a lot of years of a lot of bad basketball in there.
  • The selection show starts today at 5 on CBS.  We’ll find out our fate. It looks like we’ve earned the right to play in Kansas City, but selection committee gonna do what selection committee gonna do.
  • Sign up now for our bracket contest. The winner gets a prize from the Final 4 in Atlanta.

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