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It was the sold out, big event of a spring football game that it was cracked up to be. We saw what we expected out of the team in a lot of ways, and some things that we didn’t in others. It’s been awhile since we’ve had a Sunday Seconds, so here it is. For those new to the column, consider it my vomiting up all my thoughts on yesterday’s practice in one place.

  • Practice? Practice? Ain’t talkin’ bout practice. Well, we are, actually. And everything you saw, and everything I talk about has to be prefaced with just that. It’s always easy to jump to huge conclusions based on what we saw. But lest we not forget, it’s a glorified practice.
  • We’d seen Joe Hubener and Jesse Ertz before. And they’ve been fine in relief spots. Ertz made a few nice throws, but neither looked particularly impressive. This was our first look at Alex Delton, and he, of course, is the one that’s generating the most talk.
  • Snyderism of the Week:
    Bill Snyder on Alex Delton…

     He did not get off to a great start his first time on the field, but after he got the opportunity to be out there his first time in front of a crowd. He finished the rest of the game three quarters of it pretty well. I think it was significant I wanted to see him with the ones, so obviously they did well.

  • That last part of the quote is huge. Bill Snyder is making sure that we understand that he’s interested in Alex Delton playing with the 1s. It may be not be as much of a slam dunk that the starting QB spot is a 2 man race with Delton likely to redshirt as many of us thought. Then again, he could be throwing a bone to Delton and/or the fans.
  • Even with guys we’ve seen on the field in a regular game, there isn’t a ton to go on from the QB spot. But based on the little we’ve seen, and yesterday’s game, my feel is that if we could combine Ertz’s arm, Hubener’s command of the offense, and Delton’s explosive running ability we’d have one amazing quarterback. Too bad even the scheme doctor can’t create that Snyderstein’s Monster.
  • That being said, it’s easy in the early going to make a Delton vs Ertz/Hubener argument look like the Waters/Sams one of two years ago, but that would be lazy analysis. Neither Ertz, nor Hubener have shown the ability that we had in Jake Waters (someone fans are going to realize they really miss now that he’s gone), and there’s no reason to assume that Delton will struggle to throw and grasp the offense the way that Daniel Sams did. This gap may not be nearly as wide in Snyder’s view as the Waters/Sams one seemed to be.
  • Player Quote of the Week:
    Quarterback Alex Delton  on being a key part of the offense…

    I am going into this upcoming season and spring being the best player and teammate that I can be. Obviously, coach has said some nice things about me, but he would say the same things about any other quarterback that is in the position that I am. At this point, I am just working everyday to be the best player and teammate that I can be.

  • Gotta hand it to Delton. He’s saying all the right things. This is a kid who hasn’t even attended his high school graduation yet. The future appears very bright. Is he ready to go now? Probably not. But given the weakness at the position ahead of him, he may find himself in that position earlier rather than later.
  • Enough about the QBs, right? What about the running backs? Charles Jones looked similar to how he did a year ago. And we know how that turned out. Basically some bright spots among a lot of struggles. Who knew the real talk at the position would come not from Dalvin Warmack, but Winston Dimel and Justin Silmon?
  • Dimel looked really good as a change-up back. The sort that bursts through expectations. He’s limited by his size, particularly being a power back type, but if yesterday was any indication, there could be some really nice spots to use him.
  • Silmon ended up being the leading rusher in the game with 10 carries for 66 yards. He red shirted as a walk on last season, and yesterday he did enough to get Snyder to mention him by name. It’s hard to say at this point if he’ll be one of those strong spring game appearances that gets forgotten, or if he can work his way into being the next great K-State walk on story.
  • Can’t talk about yesterday without mentioning what Dominque Heath did on special teams. He had no catches, but he appears at this point to be the #1 kickoff returner and #2 punt returner, and we certainly saw why. He was the leader for both teams in all purpose yards. Not both teams combined. He individually led the purple team and the white team. Altogether he returned 9 kickoffs for 221 yards and 6 punts for 157 yards and a TD. Not a bad day. Now I’d like to see him catch a pass.
  • But what about the defense? They were fine. I find it’s really hard to learn much about the defense from a spring game, and with all the questions surrounding the offense, I spent the majority of the day focused on individuals on the offensive side of the ball. But feel free to add your thoughts on the defense in the comments.
  • Tyler Lockett was sitting in the big money seats ahead of me. Towards the end of the game he spent a lot of time signing autographs and taking pictures for fans. Never lose that attitude that makes you a hell of a guy, Tyler.
  • And as for the game at Sporting Park, it made it a different and fun event. But just as usual, the crowd emptied at halftime, and was basically non existent by the end of the game. But it was a fun change. The venue seemed to do well. It has inherent issues like bad parking situations (I parked in a gravel lot that was really just mud, about a mile from the stadium. But hey, it was free!). It’s also really hard to get around the stadium for such a small place. At least that was my experience. It’s very possible that people who know the stadium well know the secret passages that would have helped the trek from the Member’s Club to my seat. But I’m certainly not complaining about the 30 minute drive back to midtown KC vs the 2 hour drive home from Manhattan.

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