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When you end up with yet another Saturday without K-State football, you have to find something to do, right? Luckily the hoops season gave us something to think about on Friday night. And somehow, in some way, TCU and KU managed to give us something to talk about on an otherwise bleak college football Saturday. But ultimately, it didn’t matter.

  • K-State fans were briefly excited about the prospect of winning an undisputed Big 12 title. For that to happen, TCU will have to lose another conference game. At no point Saturday did I believe it was going to come in Lawrence. The best, albeit slim, chance for a TCU loss comes on Thanksgiving day in Austin.
  • So nothing has changed for the Cats. Barring an insanely unlikely scenario, it’s as simple as this: Win at West Virginia, against KU, and at Baylor, and K-State will get a trophy. It’s likely to be shared, but it’s a trophy. And the year will be added to the West Stadium Center. TCU, in that scenario, would remain ranked ahead of us, and would have beaten us head-to-head, but that wouldn’t make our title any less than it is, because we would have come out of Baylor with a win… something that TCU was unable to do. Bottom line: win three games, and we get to buy a new t-shirt.
  • The K-State basketball team looked pretty good on Friday night against Southern Utah. You have to take a lot of it with a grain of salt. The opponent was a team that only won 2 games a year ago. But as we learned last year, you can’t take a season opener for granted.
  • Quote of the week
    Guard Nigel Johnson On the building from the loss to Northern Colorado last season’s opener…

    “It feels a lot different. It felt good, especially because last year we played someone from the same conference and we let that one get away. Getting the win tonight felt good.”

  • It was great to see the new guys in their first games at K-State. Stephen Hurt has everyone gushing because of his shot. I said last week he’s our first big man who can shoot since Shawn Rhodes. Then Friday night he went out and became the first guy 6’11” or above to hit a 3 for K-State since Rhodes. Love his offensive game. The defense is going to have to get better.
  • And that’s not just Hurt. This game was a lot closer than it should have been in the first half. Southern Utah, the not so much a powerhouse, as previously mentioned, shot 45.8% in the first half, and 50% from 3. It’s great to see a more scoring forward mindset this season, but the defense needs to come with it.
  • Brandon Bolden’s blocks though. I mean, you saw them. Or at least one of them. He only had 13 minutes in the game, but as his time increases, he could help the defense quite a bit.
  • K-State was out rebounded in the game. That’s not a good sign, and something that is going to have to be shored up quickly.
  • The Cats have 2 games this week. First, a home game that’s considered an opening round game from the Maui Invitational tomorrow night against UMKC. Then the guys are taking a quick pit-stop on the way to Maui to play a game at Long Beach State on Friday night, a team that last year’s team beat twice.
  • The women’s team got their first win of the Jeff Mitte era on Friday night, too. Breanna Lewis led the way with 13. Again, it was against very low level competition, and the women’s team will likely struggle this year, but they played hard and aggressive, and it’s a great start. They’ve got UMKC at home on Tuesday and Hampton on Friday before heading to Mexico the following week for a 3 game round-robin tournament.
  • VolleyCats are back! They dropped their first two sets last night at Baylor before working their way to a 3-2 win. No midweek this week. They’re hosting TCU next Saturday at 7 in Ahearn, so the winning should continue.
  • Laura Galvan, of the K-State Cross Country team is headed to the NCAA Championship. That’ll happen next Saturday in Terra Haute.
  • Equestrian lost. Freaking Baylor.
  • Short week of prep this week. West Virginia and K-State were both off on Saturday, getting ready for the Thursday night game. We’ll be on close to our regular schedule this week, except that you should get our latest episode in your feed later today.

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