It’s an anniversary today. If November 24th happens to be your birthday or anniversary with your spouse, well, then congratulations, but with all due respect… who cares? Today is much bigger than you. Today is the 25th anniversary of a day that would change Kansas State University forever. You know the story. Following decades of hapless football that could barely even fit that definition, Sports Illustrated wrote their “Futility U” article and the Cats hired a guy who seemed to just be a lifetime assistant that no one had ever really even considered as a head coach. I was just a kid when Bill Snyder uttered those now immortal words about an opportunity. I can only imagine the giggling that accompanied it. But 25 years later, to the day, no one is laughing anymore. Because he did it.

In honor of the 25th anniversary of the hiring of Bill Snyder (and the 5th anniversary of his re-hiring!), we’re not going to worry about the fact that it’s Thanksgiving week. All week long our bloggers are going to be celebrating “Snyder Week.” Stick with us. It’s the only way we know to honor the man who made Kansas State what it is today.

Now on to your regularly scheduled Sunday Seconds:

  • How great was Tyler Lockett yesterday? 278 receiving yards broke the single game K-State record… that he set against Texas. The Waters to Lockett 90 yard touchdown reception was the longest at K-State since Bishop to (Aaron Lockett) for 97 yards. This was the last time we’ll see Waters to Lockett at home this season, but expect it to just keep getting better next year as well.
  • Tyler has had 2 200+ yard receiving games this season. How big is that? In the history of K-State football prior to this season it had only happened 3 times.
  • Quote of the Week
    Junior Quarterback Jake Waters
    On what Lockett does that is so special. . .
    “His routes and just how he gets open. The other team knows that we want to get the ball to him because he is our big time playmaker, but somehow he still continues to just get open. It just amazes me how he does that.”
  • It amazes us all, Jake. But maybe just a bit less, since we all watched Kevin and Aaron as well.
  • Opponent Quote of the Week
    Head Coach Bob Stoops
    Opening Statement…
    “Like always, I want to congratulate Coach Snyder and his team. It was a hard fought game and they really turned it on over the second half of the season, and I knew that it would be a difficult game. They always play hard and physical and it is always great to see Coach Snyder. He is a really special coach and person to me.”
  • I can’t be the only K-State fan whose eyes got a little sweaty when they showed Ty Zimmerman break down on the jumbotron. He is far too fine of a player to have it end this way. He got a well deserved loudest ovation of the senior day intros.
  • Obviously K-State struggled a ton on defense. Oklahoma sold out to stop the run and it opened up a lot of opportunity to throw the ball. K-State missed Ty Zimmerman even more than his just his play-making ability. Over the past two years he’s become a coach on the field, and it’s hard not to jump to the conclusion that players being out of place and fooled by misdirection wasn’t partly due to his lack of direction on the field.
  • KANSAS JAYHAWKS 3-8 (1-7 Big 12) Coach: Charlie Weis Twitter: @kU_Football Last year: kU 16 KSU 56 All time: kU leads 65-40-5

    3-8 (1-7 Big 12)
    Coach: Charlie Weis
    Twitter: @kU_Football
    Last year: kU 16 KSU 56
    All time: kU leads 65-40-5

    Remember how bad Iowa State was? They kicked the crap out of kU last night. Not only did they shut them out, but they put up 34 points on the dream team. Even Grant Rohach, who hasn’t thrown at TD pass in 5 games, had no problem against kU. They may have found some fluke of a way to get things together and win a game last week against West Virginia, but don’t be fooled.This is the same ol’ kU.

  • True story: This is the only “positive” picture I could find of kU from last night. I tried. The caption on it: “Kansas running back James Sims runs for yards against Iowa State.”  It must have only happened once.
  • And now we turn to thoughts on basketball. Because… well, as much as we want to pretend it didn’t, it happened. It was great Thursday morning to see some excitement from K-State fans towards the hoops team. They had the chance to prove people wrong and begin building a resume. Now it’s starting to look like unless your name is “Long Beach State” we can’t play against you.
  • But hey, Long Beach State makes us look, really, really good.
  • Check out the Right on Kimball reviews of all the tournament games: ❶Charlotte  ❷Georgetown  ❸Long Beach State
  • The K-State women will be back in action on Thanksgiving night against SMU at the Junkanoo Jam. I’m not going to lie… I have no idea what it is, but I love the word “junkanoo.”
  • The K-State volleyball team fell in 3 sets to #1 Texas last night. It might have been their last chance to steal a win that would get them in the NCAA tournament. It’s tough to see getting a bid at this point. They’ll be back in action at TCU on Wednesday night and then finish up the season with Senior Night against Iowa State in Ahearn on Saturday.
  • K-State basketball takes the week off now, before being back in action at home on Sunday, December 1. They’ll be playing host to Central Arkansas, best known as the alma mater of Scottie Pippen. Central Arkansas is currently 1-2 on the season, but plays twice before coming to Bramlage.

Happy Snyder Week!



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