Wide receiver playing quarterback. Phantom first down. Rules no one knew existed. Well there’s certainly no shortage of things to talk about from yesterday, eh? Let’s get started.

  • Let’s get this out of the way off the bat: Kody. Freaking. Cook. Can you ask for much more from a guy who was never even listed on the depth chart at quarterback?
10/16 122 7.6 2 0 73.9
21 87 4.1 1 32
  • Kody Cook’s first half performance was unreal. He comes in and not just completes a drive, but sparks it to a touchdown. Then he does it on the next two drives as well. Heading into halftime up 28-20 was nothing short of a miracle. But can anything be called a miracle anymore when K-State does it?


  • Quote of the Week:

“It was very good. I thought he played with poise. He played smart. He made some mistakes, but you have to remember we have a plethora of offense and he’s had a week of investment in it. He was a quarterback some time ago and he’s on the field a lot as a receiver, but his retention has been great. He did as well as you would expect. We couldn’t ask for anymore.” – Bill Snyder

  • Cook was the first player of the Snyder era to throw multiple touchdown passes, catch one, and run for one. Weird stats happen when weird things happen.


  • As fun as the first half was, this fell apart in the worst possible way. Kody Cook gets hurt in what could be a big way (collarbone? separated shoulder?). So now we’re back to our backup QB who hasn’t been bad, but hasn’t been the most efficient, either. But how he’s banged up. Oh, and now he’s probably going to end up playing without his most dependable wide receiver. Up next: TCU, Oklahoma, @ Texas, Baylor, @ Texas Tech. This is the darkest timeline.


  • RIP Leading at the half streak. The 50th is always the hardest to get. The last time K-State lost when leading at the half? 2007… in Stillwater. Freaking Stillwater.


  • Opponent quote of the week:

“Our crowd was tremendous and so were the Paddle People.” -Mike Gundy

Man, Stillwater is weird.

  • K-State has now lost the last 5 games in Stillwater, dating back to 2003. That’s been by a total of 20 points. Hello heart break.


  • Shorter streak, but also snapped: K-State had won 15 in a row when scoring first.


  • K-State has now blocked 21 kicks since 2009. How insane is that? Jordan Willis made it happen yesterday on the always blockable Grogan. If only it had been on that field goal…


  • Donnie Starks (11) and Kaleb Prewett (7) each had career highs for tackles. But it came on a secondary that just was getting torn up. Oklahoma State had virtually no ability to run other than on reverses, so we knew where all their yards would come from. We just couldn’t do anything about it. Especially when it mattered most. The injury to Dante Barnett was big… but don’t underestimate how much it’s not just his spot, but has rippled throughout the secondary. That’s the unit we weren’t particularly worried about entering the season… and our biggest weakness now on defense.


  • Red zone efficiency! Where did that come from? Before Stillwater, only 8 of 18 trips to the red zone resulted in touchdowns. Yesterday they got all 5.


  • About those refs. Yes, they sucked. Did K-State lose as a result? Probably not. Should they ever work another Big 12 game? Probably not. Running the clock on a tackle clearly out of bounds late in the first half? Inexcusable. Not penalizing a fairly clear targeting call that took out Hubener early in the game? Most likely a missed call. Inability to set the chains correctly and give a free first down? WTF?!?! But did that cost the Cats the game? Probably not. The route was run to where the chains were set. They got it. If they’re set 5 yards further down field, it’s admittedly tougher, but is there anything about what was happening to our secondary that makes you think they wouldn’t have just completed it there? We’ll never know, and it’s inexcusable, but it probably didn’t cost K-State the game.


  • I’m actually more upset over the running clock. Even if it had been the right call, there should have been a timeout. You give us 10 more seconds that were wasted there (either at the fault of the refs or our team for not noticing it hadn’t been stopped), and at the very least we’re set up for just a bit easier field goal. I think that had the bigger impact of the two calls that stood out.


  • Raise your hand if you knew a RB couldn’t throw the ball away. Me neither. What a weird play call, though. I haven’t gone back to watch the play, but at the time I thought if he hadn’t been looking to throw he might have been able to run for it.


  • The VolleyCats lost in 5 at TCU yesterday. Dammit, VolleyCats. Stop losing. Next up: At Iowa State on Wednesday.


  • Basketball practice started. Yes! We still have a team!


  • At halftime I thought when I put up the voting for the EMAWard there’d only be one candidate on the list. But then Kody Cook came back to earth in the 2nd half. So I’ll add a few more in. Feel free to add your own if you have one, too… even though I think we know where this is probably still going:





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