All season long we’ve heard more and more people saying, “This has to be a dream. This can’t be real life.”  Reverse things, and last night we heard people saying the same.

The thing about dreams is, as implausible as they are when you look back on them, for that finite time in which you’re in the midst of one, it is your reality.  Good or bad, it is what you live.  For 10 Saturdays we’ve been begging that we stay asleep and live this dream just a bit longer… and we did.  We lived it all the way to a #1 ranking in the BCS.  We lived it right up to knowing that we were 8 quarters away from seeing that dream realized.  But then things took a turn.  I don’t have to explain it to you.  If you’re reading this then you watched that dream turn from one you never wanted to wake up from to one that you’re still wondering this morning if the nightmare really happened.

Those of us who lived through ’98 know that this sort of pain lingers1.  When the Miracle in Manhattan takes a turn to a broken dream, it’s the sort of thing that doesn’t go away2.  At 73 we don’t know if Bill Snyder has another run like this in him.  We don’t know if another coach can take over and maintain a program like he’s been able to do in his 2 tenures as coach.  Was this our last shot, or will we once again find ourselves dreaming in ways we never thought possible?  Time will tell.

In ’98 the dream crashed, but there was a swagger around K-State football that said we’d be back in the hunt.  It was 14 years before we got to 10 wins without a loss again.  No one saw that wait coming. But unlike ’98, K-State isn’t done.  In 13 days we play for a Big XII title.  Win that game and we’re on to a BCS bowl.  A far cry from the 8-4, 6th in the Big XII type season most were predicting.  Last night doesn’t mean we didn’t have a dream season.   It simply means the dreams weren’t as big as we might have hoped.  But today, we still wear purple… and we dare to dream.

The Seconds:

  • Last night Collin Klein became the first quarterback from a BCS school to record 20 passing TDs and 10 rushing TDs in multiple seasons since the start of the BCS era. The only other players to accomplish that feat a single time all won the Heisman (Cam Newton, Tim Tebow, and Eric Crouch).
  • Dante Barnett had his first start this week as a true freshman filling in on the injury riddled defense.  He had 14 tackles.
  • Injuries aren’t excuses.  Great teams have to overcome them, but they’ll forever be a part of the narrative of the 2012 season and the “what could have beens.”  ESPN made sure to keep that alive with heartbreaking shots of Ty Zimmerman on crutches.
  • K-State basketball looks to improve on a so far unbeaten season today against North Florida before heading to NYC on Wednesday.  Get there and wear purple3.
  1. Grown men can cry for good or bad when watching a sporting event. If you don’t think so, then  you just don’t get it. []
  2. I’ve never been able to re-watch the ’98 Big XII title game. I expect this will be the case too. []
  3. And if you’re one of the people still complaining about the Weber hire, please turn in your purple. You are not a K-State fan []

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