Last week it was Tyler Lockett and Ty Zimmerman putting their respective units on their shoulders and getting a win. This week it was… well, it was a team win. Hubert was good. Tyler was good. Tramaine Thompson was good. Mueller, Zimmerman, and the entire defense was good. Both quarterbacks looked good. The special camo powercats on the helmet even looked good! Let’s just face it… this team looked good.

  • Let’s also face this: Iowa State is a bad, bad football team. For everything that looked good about K-State yesterday, Iowa State looked bad. This was a game that was about K-State taking last week’s win, gaining momentum, and grasping some confidence. They succeeded.
  • Quote of the Week:
    Senior Safety Ty Zimmerman
    On play of the defense …
    “You know coming in to the season we lost eight or nine starters, it was kind of tough there for a while. I think we have built our trust in one another these last four or five weeks.  It has really shown on the field.”
  • It shows, Ty. So much of defense is eliminating weak spots and being a cohesive 11 man unit. And that starts by being cohesive in each facet of the defense. As the d-line has gone from a giant mess early on to being stout against the run and devastating in rushing the passer, the linebackers have been freed up to do their job, and as a result we see better coverage in the secondary.
  • 41-7. That 7 represents something. We might be better off having won 41-7 than 41-0. This team came into the year without being ready. Players, themselves, admitted that coming off of the Big 12 championship they entered the season with a sense of entitlement and a swagger that this year’s team hadn’t earned. They’ve taken a step back, and not they’re beginning to earn it. But that 7 on the board represents that they’re not there. It’s within reach, but they still need to grab it.
  • Opponent Quote of the Week:
    Iowa State Senior Linebacker Jeremiah George
    Toughest thing to stop on K-State’s offense…
    “They did a great job just setting up their blocks. Besides that they just had more explosive plays that we can’t allow to win the game, especially in the first half. They had a lot of great plays on first and second down that we could not stop.”
  • That’s not something you’ve heard much about K-State lately. But yesterday it was true. We weren’t talking about missed blocks. It’s easier to say against a team as slow as Iowa State, but again, this was about momentum
  • TEXAS TECH RED RAIDERS 7-2 (4-2 Big 12) 2012: 8-5 (4-5) Coach: Kliff Kingsbury Twitter: @TechAthletics Last year: Tech 24 KSU 55 All time: Tech leads 8-5

    7-2 (4-2 Big 12)
    2012: 8-5 (4-5)
    Coach: Kliff Kingsbury
    Twitter: @TechAthletics
    Last year: Tech 24 KSU 55
    All time: Tech leads 8-5

    Next week’s opponent, Texas Tech, dropped their game last night 52-34 at home against Oklahoma State. Davis Webb threw for 425 yards on 71 attempts(!). Tech showed a lot of vulnerability to Oklahoma State’s ground attack. Tech worked their way up the rankings with a weak front half of the schedule. Now K-State will come in on a 2 game winning streak to face Tech on a 2 game losing streak. The defense will have to show up big, but believe they can.

  • In other news, K-State volleyball makes up their match against Oklahoma in Ahearn tonight. In exhibition play on Friday night the K-State women beat Alaska-Anchorage 73-65 and the men beat Pitt State 75-54.  The real deal starts with a double header in Bramlage Friday night.
  • Only at K-State can a relatively minor one game tweak to the helmet cause a huge flurry of conversation. It goes to show how much more special a uniform can be if you never change and then on an extremely rare occasion pull out something special. The uniform conversation will never go away while Bill Snyder is alive, but maybe we’ve found a way to bridge that gap just a bit.

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