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BIG 12 STANDINGS 1. K-State 3-0 2. Baylor 3-1   Oklahoma State 3-1   West Virginia 3-1 5. TCU 2-1 6. Oklahoma 2-2 7. Texas 1-2 8. Texas Tech 0-3   Iowa State 0-3   Kansas 0-3

1. K-State 3-0
2. Baylor 3-1
Oklahoma State 3-1
West Virginia 3-1
5. TCU 2-1
6. Oklahoma 2-2
Texas 2-2
8. Texas Tech 1-3
9. Iowa State 0-4
Kansas 0-4

It’s not quite the parting of the Red Sea that Mitch Holthus called in 1993, but there’s no question that the win was huge. While those covering the Big 12 from outside of the Little Apple have been able to ignore K-State all season long, that’s gone. With K-State’s win in Norman, Baylor’s loss to West Virginia, and TCU’s win over Oklahoma State, some may still say that another team is the best in the Big 12, but they’re all looking up at K-State in the standings, and the Cats continue to control their own destiny.

  • You’ve probably already heard this, but just in case… K-State’s back to back wins in Norman were the first of Stoops’ career. Now let’s get one in Manhattan, please.
  • Rough day for stats. K-State was out gained 533-385. Oklahoma held the ball almost 5 minutes more than the Cats. But turnovers can make quite the difference, can’t they? Hey Bob, free lesson for you, don’t run lame trick plays. Burns saw that one coming.
  • A lot was said about K-State’s streak of winning games when leading at half. A lot was also said about Oklahoma’s similar (and slightly better) streak. It was tough to not feel a little nervous that a jinx was coming when the Cats took a 21-17 lead into the half. But the jinx was nowhere to be found. Perhaps when K-State and Oklahoma play, they should just end the game at halftime and save us all 30 minutes of anxiety.
  • By the way, that streak now stands at 42 games. Oklahoma’s streak is the longest at 46 games. Both recently moved up a spot when Oregon lost to Arizona.
  • K-State also loves to tout the fact that they lead the nations in most non-offensive touchdowns since 1999. Danzel McDaniel bumped that number up to 93 with his pick-6. Oklahoma fans are always going to be nervous with the ball so close to their end zone with that and the Jarrell Childs fumble scoop ‘n’ score from 2 years ago.
  • Opponent Quote of the Week
    Senior tight end Blake Bell on his 4th-quarter injury:

    “When I went to cut that guy he kind of kneed me in the head. Just messed me up a little bit there, but I’ll be fine. The docs will take a look, but I’ll be good to go.”

  • First, he “kind of kneed you in the head” because you went at his knees. Second, that was an illegal block. Hard to have too much sympathy for that Bell being rung.
  • Travis Britz is the new Raphael Guidry. The blocked PAT which ended up being the difference in the game was the 5th blocked kick of his career. He’s tied with Guidry for the school record. It seems stunning that we’ve had anyone do it, let alone two guys in fairly close succession.
  • GRONK! Man, he comes up with big plays, doesn’t he? 62 yards for the score yesterday. And that’s not even his longest on his career. That would be 67 yards against Oklahoma State last year. He has 4 career TDs and only one of them has been for less than 50 yards. Bill Snyder has a way of finding, and utilizing, athletic full backs. But it’s never quite been like this.
  • Jake Waters was great yesterday, as usual. He threw 15/23 for 225 yards. He didn’t put up the rushing numbers. If you take away the one big play, he ended -2 rushing on the game thanks to some strong Oklahoma pressure. But that 53 yard run was fantastic. It also was what got him dinged up.
  • Quote of the Week
    Kansas State Head Coach Bill Snyder on Jake Waters being banged up:

    “He is a tough young guy. When I asked Jake ‘can you do this’ he said ‘I can do it coach’. I asked if there was anything we need to be restrictive of and he said ‘I can do it all, if you want me to run it, tell me, if you want me to throw it, I’ll throw it’.”

  • I’m starting to think that Jake Waters and Collin Klein are basically just the same person. Except I keep seeing them on the sidelines together, so that must not actually be true.
  • We probably should update the Lockett watch, huh?
 ReceptionsReceiving YardsReceiving TDs
Needed Entering 201475 rec838 yds9 TDs
vs Stephen F. Austin1 rec9 yds1 TD
vs Iowa State6 rec136 yds0 TDs
vs Auburn6 rec45 yds0 TDs
vs UTEP4 rec84 yds0 TDs
vs Texas Tech12 rec125 yds2 TDs
vs Oklahoma6 rec86 yds1 TD
Currently needs40 rec353 yds5 TDs
Needs per game (assumes 13 total games)5.71 rec/game50.43 yards/game.71 TDs/game
  • Here’s a bonus quote of the week. It might be the most Bill Snyder quote ever:
    Kansas State Head Coach Bill Snyder on the third down stop late in the fourth quarter:

    “You just keep trucking as they say. We always say keeping sawing wood, keep rowing the boat. If you want to get where you are going you have to do that and we did.”

  • We knew that K-State vs Texas would be an 11am kick next week. Now we know a channel. For the second straight week we’ll be following College Gameday on ESPN. Solid lead in.
  • The VolleyCats lost a tough one 3-0 last night to #2 Texas. They competed well, particularly in the 2nd set, but really were taken apart in the 3rd. Hopefully it doesn’t knock them right back out of the rankings. Texas was just on a different level last night.
  • Kickers, huh?


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