After that lovely performance, let’s just keep this short and sweet:

That sucked.

And back to our regularly scheduled Sunday seconds post (for which I really don’t have much to say… which doesn’t matter because you’re literally the only person who is bothering to even click on this):

  • Quote of the week:

It is probably obvious that it has taken its toll. I think all of us are embarrassed. I cannot remember being involved in a game like this since 1989 in the first year that we were here. I do not even know if we had one that bad during that first go around. I am not really smart enough to put my finger on it. I feel badly for the guys in the locker room, but we were not as prepared to play. It is more than just the emotional preparation as well. – Bill Snyder

  • I said that everyone should use the word “embarrassed” after this game, and that’s exactly what Bill Snyder did. When asked about running the ball he just said, “that’s what our coaches thought we could do.” It sounded like the more politically correct version of what Twitter keeps saying.


  • To be fair, once you’re down as quickly as K-State was, you have to throw. It helps if your QB doesn’t have the worst start of his career.


  • Opponent quote of the week:

Oh yea! Coach Stoops said fast food on Fridays from here on out. Everyone was hootin and hollarin about that in the locker room. -Sterling Shepard.

  • Ok, whatever.


  • End of another streak. Hopefully this doesn’t mean we go ahead and  avoid scoring next week too.


  • Star Wars: The Force Awakens tickets go on sale tomorrow. (Sorry, just wanted some good news in this post)


  • 110 total yards. Are you freaking kidding me?


  • Duke Shelley was good at least.


  • There was a pregame scrimmage for the basketball teams. I missed the women’s but saw the men’s. Not much to see, but this: DJ Johnson has his legs back, Wesley Iwundu seems to be the leader, and there are a ton of guys I don’t recognize. I got home and my season tickets were in my mailbox. Hoping we score more points in basketball than we did in football yesterday. Justin Edwards sat the scrimmage out, so there will be a little more scoring than we saw yesterday… hopefully.


  • Did I mention Star Wars tickets? Cool.


  • Volleyball won. Yay Volleycats!


  • I’m on vacation this week so I don’t know how much content I’ll get out, but the rest of the team will be firing it up, I’m sure. In the mean time, well, vote for an EMAWard winner, I guess.



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