K-State won a game in a dome!

When I write the Right on Kimball for a game, it means the Sunday Seconds is probably going to be shorter than usual. Otherwise I’d just be copy and pasting those bullet points. I’m relatively certain no one is going to complain… that being said, now that I’ve had some time to let the game sink in, I’ve got thoughts to add:

  • You can’t deny that the slow start was terrifying. UTSA looked to be moving the ball at will on their first drive, and K-State looked to be doing nothing. But once they found their rhythm, it certainly wasn’t flawless, but the Cats put up 418 yards of total offense and scored 30 unanswered points.
  • Weird offense? Weird offense. K-state fans are used to the quarterback being the leading rusher, but I don’t think we expected that to still be the case with Joe Hubener at the helm. Even weirder? Leading receiver Winston Dimel.
  • Hubener’s line:


12/23 243 10.6 0 0 73.2
17 58 3.4 1 15
  • The rushing stats overall weren’t pretty. But they weren’t pretty in a hopeful sort of way. Justin Silmon was the leading rusher who wasn’t a QB. It’s hard to imagine that Charles Jones holds the starting job much longer. He had 11 yards on 7 carries compared to Silmon’s 40 yards on 6 attempts. Warmack also had 40 yards on 5 attempts in mop up duty. Youth movement, anyone?
  • Dimel may have been the leading receiver by way of yards, but by catches it was Andre Davis. Hubener to Davis is officially a thing.
  • The star of the day was the K-State defense. Not one particularly player, either. Will Davis and Travis Britz both had fantastic games, but it was clearly a team effort. Sure, South Dakota and UTSA may not sound like amazing powerhouses, but if you start a season by giving up just 3 points in 2 games, there’s something special going on with the defense. It happened in 2002 and 1936. Not exactly a common occurrence. And knowing that they did it against a UTSA team that has a pretty potent offense makes it even better.
  • But is giving up 3 good enough for Bill Snyder? Not according to his Quote of the Week:

I felt we played well defensively. Obviously on the first drive we gave up a field goal and we’d like to get that back and have a zero on board. But collectively, I thought we played well and we played hard. I thought we played smart.

  • Speaking of the UTSA offense… if you take out the deep threat from a Baylor Lite offense, it sure makes it one that’s pretty possible to shut down with K-State’s schemes. It also helps that K-State was just better.
  • Opponent Quote of the Week:

This was the Kansas State team we expected. They don’t make mistakes, they don’t beat themselves, and for us to win, we can’t beat ourselves. We had some drops, had way too many penalties. You have penalties like that, you’re not going to win. And then we missed some blocks. All in all, I think the best team won today – Larry Coker

  • K-State has now won 49 straight games when leading at the half. In case you didn’t know…
  • The K-State Volleycats swept the Middle Tennessee Invitational this weekend. That’s an 8-1 start and includes some really nice wins. Good things ahead. They’ve got another big weekend coming up in Omaha with matches against Wisconsin, Arkansas, and Creighton before opening up Big 12 play in Lawrence.
  • Time to vote!


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