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It’s the Salute power rankings! Each week some of our bloggers are ranking the Big 12 teams from top to bottom, and they’re averaged together for the official Salute power poll.  Click on one of our contributor’s names to sort by their rankings.


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Throwing darts would be just about as accurate as my ranking. I'm not sure there is any way to decipher what is going on in the Big 12. Kansas State and West Virginia are the only teams that have played TCU and TTU already. West Virginia did it on the road, Kansas State did it at home, but also has two top 25 wins. Iowa State beat Kansas, but it was in Ames. You can chase your tail trying to do comparative scoring all day long. Let's give it another week and see if it sorts itself out.
I'd really love to put the Cats on top this week, but being in first place in the listings doesn't make McDonald's the best burger, Bud Light the best beer, or the Beatles the best bad, either (Ok, so maybe the Beatles... but you get the point).  I do have K-State steadily advancing up the charts, though. And I'm going to take this opportunity to move KU to 2nd for a bit. Well done, 'clones.
I'm keeping KU at #1. A road loss at Iowa State in primetime was expected. Iowa State, however, is a very close number 2. I know the Cats beat OU, but I think we caught them at just the right time. The Sooners returned to form on Saturday while destroying the Cowboys. I've got WVU ahead of KSU based on non-conference performances. Texas will eventually rise above Baylor and Oklahoma State (who, like in football, is overrated at this point). Good luck to Texas Tech! It's going to be very hard to climb out of 10th place.
How in the heck are suppose to rank these teams?! WVU and OU both had a blowout win and a blowout loss. K-State is atop the conference standings with solid wins over two ranked opponents, but also two home wins against the bottom of the barrel teams. My teams 3 through 8 from last week nearly flipped for me this week, and I can guarantee the movement is far from over. This will be a crazy season in the Big 12, and there are few outcomes that could surprise me.

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