MBB Right on Kimball (2)What an ugly, disgusting game. There were flashes of great basketball, surrounded by pathetic basketball. In so many ways, it was a microcosm of the entire season. Not much left to say beyond that.

What I liked:

  • Thomas Gipson came to play. He fought hard the whole way through. Tough to see him go out on such a poor season for the team.
  • Justin Edwards played with passion down the stretch. I don’t know if was self-respect, or getting smacked in the face, but he played his heart out in the latter part of the game.
  • Jevon showed flashes of intensity, focused intensity. But unfortunately, it didn’t last long.

What I didn’t like:

  • Shepherd, he annoys the crud out of me. I don’t really have a point, just a statement.
  • Scoring droughts, everywhere! Just… so… many… droughts…
  • Rebounding was horrendous. So many missed opportunities for the Cats and so many second chance opportunities for the Frogs.

This game was hard to watch during large stretches, it got me excited during small (very small) stretches. But that sums up the season. I’ll never be ashamed to wear the Purple and the White, but this team has definitely put that to the test more than any other team in the post-Wooldridge era. Hopefully the future holds some much brighter things for the K-State Men’s Basketball team. Go State!

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Zach is a 2011 graduate of Kansas State University and is a football season ticket holder. He bleeds purple every day of the year and shares a birthday with Collin Klein & Andre Coleman.

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