MBB Right on Kimball (1)What a freaking game!!! When I started today, knowing I would have to write this post, I was less than excited. But oh how a few hours can change things. Just a hard fought team effort all around. It’s what we’ve been hoping for all season, and the Cats finally put it all together for a great game, from tip-off to final buzzer.

Things I Liked:

  • Big Gip fighting hard in his final regular season game against the beakers. It was rough underneath at points, but Gip never stopped fighting. He wanted this game.
  • Same goes for Nino. He may not have been hitting everything from the field, but he got to the line and collected points.
  • Nigel for 3!!! The dude dropped 4 of them and collected 20 points. He made the most of his playing time, to say the least.
  • Wesley’s defense. 3 steals and he smothered the jayhawks the entire night.
  • Free throws. The Cats didn’t beat themselves. They went 16-19 at the line and made all the ‘big ones’.
  • Justin Edwards only had 6 points, but they were at key points. It was good to see him step up when he needed to.
  • K-State’s bench outscored ku’s bench 30-14. That about sums up what kind of game this was.
  • Varsity Donut shout out, love it.

Things I didn’t like:

  • Perry Ellis scored the first 9 points and ended with 24 points. He kept this game close for the jayhawks (it feels weird to say type that).
  • Foster’s shooting struggles. It’s sad to see what has happened with Marcus this season, but I will say he showed a great deal of effort and appeared to have a great attitude on the bench.
  • Scoring drought to start the 2nd half. I won’t lie, I thought ‘oh here we go again…’. But the Cats weathered the storm.
  • I’m done being negative, there has been enough of that this season. Celebrate people!

Tonight was about one game. The season woes were forgotten for a short time. We were reminded of how much fun it is to cheer on our Cats. It was fun to enjoy basketball again. I don’t have to hang my head tomorrow (not that I would’ve anyway), instead I’m slapping on my K-State tie and strolling into the office. Go State!

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Zach is a 2011 graduate of Kansas State University and is a football season ticket holder. He bleeds purple every day of the year and shares a birthday with Collin Klein & Andre Coleman.

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