Offense vs Defense. Strength vs strength. Anyone going into this game knew it would be close…. or so we thought.

Things I liked:

  • Holding UTSA to a field goal on the opening drive. If their offense is Baylor-lite, you know they’re going to run the ball on us, complete some quick passes, and move the ball. The key is if we could clamp down and get the stop. Field goal isn’t ideal, but it was basically a stop.
  • Dimel+Gronk+Joe in the backfield. I love that big package. Shut up, you know what I mean.
  • Outside of that first series, the defense looked strong in the first half. We knew it was out strength, and while UTSA may not sound like a huge test, but they are. As I write this line at halftime, so far the Cats are passing.
  • Dimel. Silmon. Dimel. Silmon. Let’s do this over and over and over and over. Jones has experience but he doesn’t have the updside. Silmon not only has more upside we’ve seen, but more we may not have seen yet. It’s time to make him the feature back.
  • And how automatic is Dimel at the goal line? More of that, please.
  • This one is all about the defense. I never would have guessed we’d cover the spread. 2 games. 3 points. That’s a damn good defense.
  • Fun run by Delton at the end. Probably still too young to be our guy (but we’ll see…) but nice to see for now.

Things I didn’t:

  • Getting stopped on the first drive for K-State. Hubener did everything he could to keep it moving, but unfortunately no one else was really helping him to start with. You can’t spot points to a good offense like UTSA.
  • Who the hell are these refs? Enough said there. Take the fine, Bill.
  • I’m not sure which category to put this in, but in the spirit of Snyder perfectionism, it’s going here.  On his 2nd series Joe Hubener throws a ball into the ground on a screen pass attempt. On his next attempt he ripped a 22 yard pass. I’ve never seen back to back attempts go from that bad to that good. We’ll call it something I didn’t like due to goal 141.
  • The UTSA defense looked better than expected. The K-State offense was exactly what I was concerned about. That’s not a good thing. At all.
  • I like Hubener’s game. There are elements that remind you of Collin Klein… but at best, of course, it’s Collin Klein lite. Getting the ball into the red zone and not finishing… that hurts. And it happened too much.

Going in I thought there was no way we’d cover the 17 point spread. If I were a betting man, I’d take UTSA. But not only am I not a betting man, I would never, ever bet against Bill. And I’m glad I didn’t. The offense needed time to find some sort of rhythm, but they got it… more importantly, the defense shut down a very good UTSA offense. Maybe there’s more to expect from this 2015 K-State team than I thought.




  1. Consistency. Your very, very best every time. []

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