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Welp. It’s officially reached the point of just waiting for the season to get over. Let’s face it, you’re not even reading this, are you? What? You’re still here… As a loyal fan, I’m not going to quit watching. If you’re reading this, you’re in the same boat… even if it feels more like a chore at this point than something we’re excited about.

Things I Liked:

  • Noon start. Normally I would hate this, but with the way this season is going, may as well just play the game and get it over with, right?
  • Marcus Foster in at the first media timeout. Not being fully in the doghouse is good. But what will he do? (I don’t know yet, I’m writing this as we go)
  • Shooting 43% in the first half. After two games of making bitty basketball teams look high percentage, it was good to see some shots made.
  • The 2nd half start. Again. This team really loves coming out of the locker room. Or something. I can’t explain it.

Things I didn’t like:

  • That even before the game starts I expect this list to be a lot longer.
  • Giving up a lead to start the game. Again. Like EVERY game.
  • Remember when as low as it got for K-State we kept saying, “at least they’re playing good defense.” Yeah, I miss those days. It’s a sign of a team that’s given up on the season. Of course, that’s the way the first half looked… then in the 2nd, the Cats held Baylor scoreless for the first 6 1/2 minutes… without a field goal until the 12:02 mark.
  • In spite of all that defensive success, it never got closer than 6. How do you go nearly 8 minutes without giving up a basket and still not take the lead?
  • Baylor’s game plan: Chuck 3s because we’re taller and we’ll get the rebound. It dominated the most of the first half. But eventually those 3s stop falling. Or at least we hope.
  • Iwundu shooting free throws after the flagrant foul, and not doing the invisible friend high five like last year at Texas Tech. Come on! It’s your thing!
  • Quitting. Didn’t take the lead when you needed to? Baylor goes on a run? It’s cool, the season is over anyway. Let’s just roll over the rest of the way.

Going into this game, no one expected a win. Even if we were playing at the best we have all season, this one wouldn’t have been a “supposed to win” on the schedule. And yet, even given where we are, it’s still disappointing not getting the win. Not just because it would have given some tiny bit of forward momentum, but also because we certainly had our chances. But like most of this season, we just couldn’t take advantage when it still mattered. This team has so much more ability than this. What might have been…

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