2013-14 bb gameday final

We’re going to be a bit more touch and go as far as getting a Right on Kimball post game post during basketball season, but we’re hoping to get as many as we can. Charlie does most of the football ones, but basketball is going to be more of a rotating door of recappage (which is not even remotely a word).

What I liked:

  • Marcus Foster taking charge. Early in the game, when the “Oh God, this could be a blowout” started settling in, Foster hit his first career 3, and then followed it with another to bring the Cats back to within 3 in time for the under 8 timeout.
  • “Creativity” on defense. You don’t see Bruce Weber go to a zone very often, but we saw it tonight, and it was enough to mess with Oral Roberts and slow down their initial charge.
  • Did I mention Marcus Foster?
  • DJ Johnson looked great early in the year last year before settling back into his role when JO reemerged. This year he’s looking good early again as well, though his minutes will drop as soon as Thomas Gipson is back.

What I didn’t:

  • Insanely slow start. It was 12-2 before K-State finally got a field goal. They missed their first 5 shots. Actually, let me rephrase that. That’s not a slow start, that’s just not bothering to start.
  • Has anyone ever mentioned the way games are being called this year? Actually, to be honest, I like it. In the long run. But right now, it’s brutal to watch free throw shooting contests.
  • The veterans. K-State continues to not get much, if any, production from the guys who have been in the program. As Weber said after Friday night’s game, it’s not easy to go from being in the back of the media guide to on the cover, but none of them have stepped up in the first two games.
  • Depth. Errr, shallowness? This is the time of year the rotations should be incredibly generous. For the second straight game K-State relied on 7 guys.

If it was HartMan of the Game, no doubt this one was the Marcus Foster show. But as you know it’s the HartMan of the Week… if someone else wants a piece of the award they’re going got have to come up big on Sunday. This is the hope we talked about last week. This team is going to have some low lows, but they may just have some high highs as well. It’s going to always be interesting.


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