MBB Right on Kimball

First game in 8 days, and after K-State finally showed signs of life in the win vs Texas A&M, it was going to be hugely important to see if they had truly overcome the lackadaisical attitudes that dominated the non-conference season so far.

What I Liked:

  • 9-0 run to start the game. When you want to see the Cats come out strong to start the game, this was the start they needed. Maintaining it, however, was another story.
  • Jevon Thomas hitting a 3 at the end of the shot clock to pull K-State back within 4 at 43-39. The offense ran well, and the patience finally paid off in that possession… and that started a…
  • 12-0 run to rip the lead back from Texas Southern that included a monster dunk by Marcus Foster. That looked more like the way the Cats were supposed to be playing.
  • As bad as the middle 20 minutes of this game were, it was great to have some intensity back down the stretch. But it wasn’t enough.

What I didn’t:

  • Becoming incredibly complacent after starting the game so well. The first half ended on a 15-5 Texas Southern run.
  • Thomas Gipson left with a turned ankle with 15:33 to play.  On the same play Texas Southern took a 30-28 lead. He came back in at the 11:15 mark, but that’s a scary thought. Losing Gip would destroy this team right now.
  • Ridiculous lazy passes and ugly turnovers. They way K-State has allowed inferior teams to stay in games, or even beat them, all year long as been the turnovers. The sloppy play just flat out has to stop.
  • Down by 7 K-State manages to get their hands on a turnover and fast break. As it happens it feels like it could be the the turning point in bringing the Cats back in. Instead Foster missed the layup.
  • Fouling a guy shooting a 3 at what should have ended it…

This game was over. It was done. And when you keep giving another team the chance to win, they’ll find a way. Fouling on the 3 opened the door, and they walked right through it. Then, cruise into overtime, and handle it, but instead K-State gives away the ball on the most costly turnover possible. Make no mistake about it, the Cats deserved to lose this game, and they did. The season isn’t over, but the hole has been dug, and it’s going to be a long way out.

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