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K-State kicked off the 2014 season with a sturdy 55-16 dismantling of the visiting Stephen F. Austin Lumberjacks at Bill Snyder Family Stadium.

Chad May to Tyson Schweiger. Michael Bishop to Darnell McDonald. Jonathan Beasley to Aaron Lockett.

Every special football season in Manhattan has been led by a 1-2 combination that Big 8/12 defenses couldn’t stop even when they knew what was coming. (I was tempted to add B.J. Finney to Collin Klein here.

In 2014, college football already knows about Jake Waters to Tyler Lockett.

After scoring on a first quarter touchdown pass from Waters, Lockett spent most of the remaining minutes on the Wildcat sideline. After rumors of a late training camp injury, let’s hope the move was largely precautionary.

What I liked:

•Morgan Burns, Danziel McDaniel, Will Davis, and Elijah Lee were all broken into regular playing time. Watching the true freshman Lee rope the Lumberjack QB against the sideline that first series was a thing of beauty.

•Seeing a pass play to start us off. These early games have too often been a glorified scrimmage. Jake Waters will carry this team in 2014. The 9 yard pass to Demarcus Robinson is a good sign for both players.

•It feels like Robinson has been in Manhattan more years than Eric Hickson and Mike Lawrence were combined. Really great to see him not wash out like some other less fortunate players. The 14-yard swing pass to prolong that first drive showed Robinson’s promise as a receiver.

•As the first half continued, Coaches Snyder/Miller/Dimel put together a play calling script that was enjoyable to watch. The team threw the ball early and often, and unveiled plays and players that felt like Christmas morning. Swing passes to DeMarcus Robinson, endzone jumpballs to Deante Burton, a 15-yard scamper to the endzone, even a Kody Cook touchdown – the script was markedly different than conservative running heavy game plans in previous opening games like Missouri State and North Dakota State. (It’s ok to mention NDSU again. We didn’t get race boated by them like a certain red and gold campus to our northeast).

•That first drive was capped by a nice Waters to Lockett touchdown. Here’s to a great season of watching Jake to Tyler light up scoreboards and carry another special season of K-State football.

•K-State HDTV has improved since last year. The pregame experience translated fairly well, even taking viewers into the coin toss at midfield.


What I didn’t like:

•Lots of converted third downs by the Lumberjacks. Two different quarterbacks converted large yardage situations with passes of 10 to 20 yards.

•Giving up an untouched 30-yard run touchdown run late in the 3rd quarter to Lumberjack running back Gus Johnson to make the score 42-16. Wildcat fans have worried about replacing outgoing four-year starter Ty Zimmerman at safety, apparently for good reason.

•Seeing Cody Whitehair leave with an injury. This team needs its road graders, particularly with physical matchups against Iowa State and Auburn looming.

The list of what I didn’t like is short for good reason. K-State handled a lesser opponent, enabling coaches to shuttle in many first time players and showcase some weapons in Judah Jones and Jarvis Leverette. Tyler Lockett is eight touchdowns away from catching the school record for receiving touchdowns held by his dad, Kevin.

This has the makings of another special fall in Manhattan.

About The Author

Charlie is a 2001 K-State grad and has gone to games and followed the Wildcats since 1992.

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