MBB Right on Kimball

Coming into today’s game, K-State was a team desperately in need of a big win and some confidence before rounding out the non-con schedule which includes 2 SEC match-ups.  How did they do? Well…

What I liked:

  • Within the first 90 seconds of the game, Justin Edwards successfully completes an alley-oop from Marcus Foster. Of course, then there was a stupid turnover on a pass from Foster to Jevon Thomas.
  • Need a spark on defense? Apparently you insert Brian Rohleder. 3 drawn charge calls in a matter of about 2 minutes. And in the game with him that early, Brandon Bolden. Quite the lineup, that one.
  • Brandon Bolden got a lot more minutes than usual today with Gip on the bench and Hurt, umm, hurt. He’s a freak athlete, there’s no question about that. Let’s hope the mental parts of the game can catch up. He’s got a huge upside if they do.
  • The Cats ran the offense well in the first half. Didn’t score a lot, but he ball movement was there in ways that it hasn’t been lately.
  • Nino Williams is becoming the MVP of the team. He’s been that kind of player for a couple years now, but the more that opposing teams throw zones at us, the more it benefits what he’s able to do offensively, and tilts the floor in his favor. When we can’t get consistent shooting, he’s our zone buster in the ball movement.
  • Not having to use an eye wash machine after watching the game. That’s an improvement over the last few.

What I didn’t like:

  • Within the first 90 seconds of the game, there was a stupid turnover on a pass from Foster to Jevon Thomas. Of course, Justin Edwards had already successfully completed an alley-oop from Marcus Foster.
  • Justin Edwards with the rare charge foul + made basket on the same play. 2 points the old fashioned way?
  • Gip in foul trouble ridiculously early. Again. Wesley Iwundu as well. Savannah State was in the bonus before the 12 minute mark.
  • The first half failure to run away with the game was somewhat excusable, playing with the patchwork lineup. The 2nd half, though? The Cats built a 14 point lead, and then started turnover after turnover, and lackadaisical defense to let Savannah State back into it, and had to have us worried again. There’s a lack of killer instinct on this year’s version of the squad that is going to have to come from where… but whom? And when?
  • Too many easy buckets from the inside. Savannah State is not good. They’re not big. They’re not talented. Shut that down.

So big confidence boosting win? I guess only the guys on the team can answer that. It looked a lot better than the Bradley game, but what doesn’t? The final score ended up with something K-State fans should be able to feel comfortable with. And the offense didn’t look as out of sorts as it has been. If the idea of this game was to improve, then it’s safe to say that happened. If it was to get where K-State needs to be, then there’s still plenty of work to be done.


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