MBB Right on Kimball

Always a huge game. Always one we’re just not excited about. And for good reason, right? Temper expectations, because we’ve seen this one again and and again and again. But there’s always that “what if” factor… that gets crushed by halftime.

What I liked:

  • Nino! It didn’t mean much for today’s game, but seeing him on the floor is huge for the Cats going forward.
  • Angry Bruce. There’s a Hulk in there. We just don’t see it often. It’s nice to see ESPN manage to get a shot of it.
  • Wesley Iwundu had a fantastic first half block. The defense was getting torn apart, but that was a fantastic play. A few minutes later Edwards got up on such an impressive block I thought for sure, along with the KU crowd, that it was a goal tend… but on replay it clearly wasn’t. It was just that good.
  • Only 3 first half turnovers. I think we all expected KU to borrow a page from West Virginia’s playbook and pressure the Cats into all sorts of problems. But that’s not apparently necessary when you can’t shoot.
  • 2nd half Gip. He was feeling it to start the half. Definitely one of many, “what if’s” when looking back at the hole that was dug in the 1st. Marcus Foster joined him in the process.
  • Stephen Hurt garbage time 3s. I’d like to see a few more of them happening in situations that matter.
  • Hanging around. No, we never were a threat to win this game. We never gave KU fans any reason to get nervous. But in hanging around, after such a horrific first half, we’re going to head into the Big Monday game in Bramlage knowing that it’s a winnable game. Just need to play like it is.

What I didn’t like:

  • KU. Enough said.
  • You expect to see good defense from K-State. As many lows as this season has had, that’s been the consistent aspect. But as I type this in the first media break that hasn’t been true at all. KU has been able to completely dissect it.
  • Just before the 1st half 12 minute mark Justin Edwards misses a gimmie layup, then in transition at the other end Perry Ellis puts up a layup that rolls around the rim 14 times and inevitably falls in. If that doesn’t encapsulate every trip to Allen Fieldhouse for the past 20 years, I don’t know what else does.
  • At the half: 6/35 field goal shooting, and 0/7 from 3. It’s incredibly hard to stay in a game when you can’t score. And K-State certainly couldn’t in the first half. And you know the script. You won’t dig out of a hole like that.
  • Devonte Graham. Not only does he look like he’s 13 years old, he acts like it. It amazes me that for a place that always claims to have so much class, KU always has completely classless players like him. Sure he’s a freshman and maybe he’ll gain some maturity, but name a KU team ever that doesn’t have complete punks like him.

I feel nothing. Over the years I’ve taught myself to go into this game not caring. Same script, every year. I just don’t give it the emotional energy anymore. But unfortunately, sometimes it seems the Cats are headed in the same way. It’s a game we weren’t supposed to win, and we didn’t. It gets tough to focus on much else. On to Lubbock…

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