Tuesdays on The Salute

Tuesdays on The Salute

When you’re a student, your life moves at a different pace. In high school and elementary school, you always looked forward to your breaks. Everyone loved time off at Thanksgiving Break, Christmas Break and Spring Break. Summer Break was the absolute best. In college, Christmas Break was even longer. Then you graduate and “poof!” all those breaks are gone. Life becomes a grind. Day after day of going to work. It stinks. Unless, you do something completely crazy and become an educator.

I’ve done that. I’m back to loving my breaks. It’s a great way to pause, forget about things then start over fresh. Everyone needs time to recharge. I’m not just talking about work, though. This Christmas I was able to pause my K-State fandom. It sounds crazy and a little sacrilegious, but I loved it.

On my lengthy vacation, I sorta followed the Cats. From a hotel bar, I watched the Texas A&M game from across the room. I talked to my kids and family while I sat there. By halftime, I went to dinner alone with my wife. It’s a rare occurrence. I ignored the game on my phone until a score app told me the Wildcats won. At no point doing that game did I experience those typical fan emotions. There was no panic, no frustration, no yelling. By the same token, there was very little excitement or thrills.

I saw none of the Texas Southern and Georgia losses. I have a feeling there would have been a lot of those negative emotions during those games. I certainly didn’t miss feeling those emotions. I was back at home for the Oklahoma State game, but was still too busy to fully invest the time to watch that game. It’s not just because of the losses, but I really enjoyed not being a crazed fan for about 2 weeks.

Wednesday night, though, I was ready to go. I watched every second of the Wildcat win versus TCU. I was back and so was Marcus Foster. If you want to give me credit for the return of Bananas Foster, I’ll take it. Then Saturday night we had company over for a fancy dinner, but I still watched every critical moment. An excited fist-pump and scream nearly landed on my daughter as Foster’s game winner went through the net.

My break has me recharged for the rest of the basketball season. I just hope the K-State basketball team continues to look recharged for a run at the post-season.

Go Cats! Beat Tech!

About The Author

Seth is a 2000 graduate of the A.Q. Miller School of Journalism at Kansas State. While in Manhattan he wrote for the Kansas State Collegian, reported for the Wildcat 91.9 and interned at KSNT-TV in Topeka. He teaches now, but still play with his journalism degree. Living in the middle of Missouri makes it harder to follow the Cats, but he wears enough purple to draw stares at the grocery store. Follow him on Twitter at @catbacker77

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