Thursdays at The Salute

Thursdays at The Salute

K-State lost Tuesday night. You wouldn’t be here if you didn’t already know that. The Cats put out an effort that we haven’t seen all season from them, had the lead through significant stretches in the game, and had a chance to win it down the stretch. They just didn’t.

Yes, they went cold down the stretch. They struggled to defend against an incredibly prolific scoring offense when it mattered most. A couple calls didn’t go the way they probably should have. A ball bounced on the out of bounds line just before hitting a Cyclone on an incredibly athletic save play. List a myriad of reasons, but it all comes down to the fact that they came up 6 points short on Tuesday night.

And EMAW nation explodes. There was no celebratory tweets. No one claimed a moral victory. But many recognized the effort put out by this team, that just 5 games ago had been left for dead. No K-State fan should be able to look at a game like that night and not recognize Nino Williams scoring a game high, and career high, 22 points. You’d be amiss to not take note of the fact that K-State out assisted the nations assist leading team. Or that the cats shot 45.6% in the game and a staggering 93.8% from the line.

But try to point that out and EMAW nation explodes. The game was lost. Nothing else matters. How dare you take any pride in a losing effort. K-State was in first place in the Big 12, and now they’re not. Everything else you say is irrelevant.

So who is right? In sports there is a big picture and a small picture. The small picture is always a means to be the bigger picture, and it’s quite simple. Today you have a game. You will either win or lose that game1. That day nothing else matters. K-State fans are keenly aware of this, having listened to years of Bill Snyder say that the only game that matters, the biggest game of the year, is the next one on your schedule. Make no mistake about it. That game matters.

But the big picture matters as well. Just ask Bill Snyder. Improve… everyday as a players, person, and a student. As much as each loss stings, and it certainly does, they’re all a part of a bigger picture. As fans we want to believe that K-State is always the best team in the nation. Or at least we should be. And any loss feels devastating. But the reality is that even the best team in the nation will lose a few2.

K-State was not expected to win that game. Even if our non-con had gone the way it was supposed to, and K-State were receiving the national attention it could have earned by now, we would not have been expected to win that game. Stealing that win would have been huge, but instead, take a step back, look at the big picture. K-State took another step of improvement this week. They showed that a few days spent in first place in the league wasn’t an early schedule based fluke, but a spot earned by a team that has the ability to play with anyone in this conference. And if those other teams take a look at the big picture, they better get nervous. The Cats are coming.


  1. Unless it’s soccer, in which case the small picture is even smaller when you tie []
  2. Unless, I suppose you have an NBA farm system set up and can just plain out talent everyone else. []

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