Mondays at The Salute

Mondays at The Salute

Technology is not my friend. I sat down unsure of what this column would entail. It could cover yet another disappointing Wildcat loss. It could attempt to estimate the Wildcats’ chances in the Big 12 Tournament. It could even be an attempt at a screenplay for the third film in the “Bill and Ted” series, starring Michael Beasley and Bill Walker. Alas, there are two laptops that typically function in my home, but neither would function properly as I attempted to begin writing.

With that, here we are. Jevon Thomas, the starting point guard for the majority of the season, may or may not appear in a K-State uniform again. K-State’s effort against the Texas Longhorns, one that could have – at the very least – played spoiler for UT’s NCAA Tourney hopes, proved ugly and fairly depressing. We are a week away from watching a Selection Sunday go by without immediately Googling K-State’s first round opponent. And I’m typing on my phone. That’s right. My thumbs are wiggling rapidly like a teen saying WTF to her BFF about BTO’s TCB. (I’m at least 32% certain that all of those things I just typed are, indeed, things.)

With that, I have literally phoned it in. Unfortunately, that sounds a bit like a certain basketball team I love for portions of the season. Is that the sort of negativity I normally attempt to avoid in the column? Absolutely, but I’ll gladly be proven wrong with the four straight wins this team needs to clinch a Tournament berth.

It all starts with TCU on Wednesday. Four wins to go. Please, put down the phone.

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Hi, I’m Derek Larson. You might remember me from such autobiographical blurbs as “Yo Soy Derek” and “Paste Blurb Here.” I was born and raised in the Manhattan area and I graduated from Kansas State University in 2005. Now I’m now adjusting to life in the land of husking corn. My groom’s cake was a Powercat and I was once convinced that the future of Wildcat basketball was a seven-foot volleyball player. I’ve written about K-State sports in different capacities, often without people asking me to. My hobbies include bringing more purple to Lincoln, Neb., and making vague (and not-so-vague) references to The Simpsons. Follow me on Twitter at @dereklarson.

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