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The Youngster

The Youngster

The Fuddy-Duddy

The Fuddy-Duddy

On August 9, 1979, the youngest current head coach in the Big 12 was born. To some readers that may not sound young, but to put it in context, while that was happening in San Antonio, Bill Snyder, 2 months shy of turning 40, was preparing for his first season as the offensive coordinator at Iowa.

On paper they may be peers, but in reality there are 167 wins, 14 bowl appearances, 7 conference Coach of the Year awards, 3 National Coach of the Year awards, and 2 Big 12 titles, and 2 generations separating them.

But it’s so much more than that. You won’t see Bill Snyder posing for pictures and working on his Ryan Gosling impersonation. Unlike Kingsbury who fast tracked his way from Houston, through A&M, and was handed a job at his alma-mater, reeling after 2 coaching situations that ended badly, Bill Snyder paid his dues. He may have even paid other people’s dues before he finally got a shot as a head coach… heading up the worst college football team in the history of the game. But you know how that story goes.

Bill Snyder once revolutionized the way the game was played. He didn’t have to call it the Wildcat Offense. He just called it his offense. Kingsbury is part of his own revolution. Having played most of his career at Texas Tech under Mike Leach he was groomed firing the ball in a 4 wide spread offense and is among the crop of coaches taking it to new levels. His quarterback threw the ball 71 times in Saturday’s loss to Oklahoma State.

Bill Snyder is the last of the coaches that formed the original Big 12, and while he was winning the first ever Big 12 football game, Kingsbury was still a high school student. They wouldn’t meet for the first time until 4 years later, in 2000, when K-State’s defense would give up 302 yards passing to Kingsbury, but only 1 TD while intercepting him twice on their way to a 28-23 victory in Manhattan.

To be fair, I have to mention that a year later, in the midst of a mediocre season with a huge slide in the middle, Kingsbury and Tech did beat K-State in Lubbock. So consider this series even. No one can guess how many times they’ll meet with both on the sidelines, but each one will be a battle of the new and the old. And I’ll put my money on that old fuddy-duddy1, every time.

  1. Yes, I know the quote was that he is NOT an old fuddy-duddy… we’ll just call it creative license []

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